Video Introduction to Living Vision Agreements

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If you have been keeping up with me you know that I began “Living Vision Agreements” about 3 months ago now. With all of the traveling I am doing creating a video log (VLOG) feels like a more practical way to keep you updated on my progress, and to possibly even inspire some of you to make agreements of your own. 

The below video was my first and very impromptu “Agreements” vlog. It introduces you to my process in taking on these agreements, what they are, what I have accomplished so far and what my most recent agreement was. It’s a little long (30 minutes), so you may enjoy listening to it while doing some mindless task. If you don’t have the 30 minutes but would like to get a bit of the update, I suggest hopping around and watching a bit from the beginning, middle and end. That way you can hear about how it began, what agreements I have completed and what I am currently practicing. 

Future vlog’s will be kept under 10 minutes and you can subscribe to my youtube page here to be automatically updated when a new video is posted. There are a number of impromptu recipe videos up, featuring myself and my son at various ages. We will continue recipe videos in the near future with ongoing agreements to welcome intimacy and inspire some hearts to courageously make the effort toward blossoming!

Onto the video ~ Enjoy!

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