Take a ride on the west coast with Chefs Chaya and Elaina Love, Love, Love….

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Elaina and Chaya hit the road with love, light and a big hint of silly...
Elaina and Chaya hit the road with love, light and a big hint of silly.

It was Wed. February 18th at 6a.m. that Elaina and I hopped in her rust orange Honda element to head down South heading off our two week west coast raw food teaching tour! It seems the heavens were a canopy above and below as the entire trip was a sweet and synchronistic ebb and flow! Between storms, rains, sleet and snow our road time was filled mainly with clear and cloudy mystic skies, big smiles and much inspiration.

A road trip with two raw food cheffy’s….you know what that means some GOOOOOOOD snacks. The day before we headed out I picked some kale from both my and Elaina’s yards. It was a mix of green, purple, baby and elder, all tossed in some garlic tahini dressing and set to dehydrate just overnight…I knew that would be much appreciated after 5 hours on the road. Of course we had to start the day with some green smoothies, and a little hot cacao after a while. The day was beautiful, I’ve never seen such a clear day over the grape vine, we could see all the way to the Angeles Crest with it’s snow capped peaks. Elaina and I always enjoy the open road, great company and divine downloads of ideas, inspired conversation and insightful realizations. After 6 or 7 hours of driving it seemed like only an hour had past and we were nearing Santa Monica, we were also nearing lunch time with some of the states most famous raw restaurants in a 10 minute radius….woohooo! Excited to support our raw peers and taste some new flavors we decided to drop by Rawvolution for a light lunch experience. Elaina went for the eggless egg salad sandwich and I for the no tuna style sandwich. Both light and delicious. I’m loving the open and clean atmosphere of rawvolution, the very friendly deli style service and casual/creative energy of the place and neighborhood.

fresh garden kale, getting loved up for a kale chip transformation....
fresh garden kale, getting loved up for a

kale chip transformation….

Rawvolutions eggless eggsalad and no tuna sandwiches
Rawvolutions eggless eggsalad and
no tuna sandwiches

Next it was off to the Santa Monica Cooperative an ideal market for raw/living /vegan/organic food enthusiasts. They had everything we were looking for and then some. A great variety of local raw prepared foods, dehydrated snacks and recipe essentials. This was a gogo gadget trip, so we didn’t stop in any one place for too long, next it was off to Redondo beach (Elainas home town). I had the pleasure to meet Elainas Mommy and Daddy their little doggy and sweet parrot – what a loving supportive family. They gave us the kitchen to prepare, rooms for rest and a loving interest in what exotic foods we were preparing. Elaina gave us a sneak peak of her Mexican meal by making some Spanish Style Cabbage Rice for dinner that we ate with a big salad, a little steamed Quinoa and ripe avocado. It was SOOOO good, she knew her Mommy would like it, but surprise surprise (or not such a surprise knowing what a talented chef Elaina is) her Daddy loved it too. So satisfying and light all at the same time.

melted chocolate for dipping the truffles
melted chocolate for dipping the truffles
Hazelnut Ganache Truffles
Hazelnut Ganache Truffles

Now it was time to get down to business, preparing all the chocolates, milks, creams, flan etc. that would be served in class Saturday night. I had to do all my prep Friday morning in order that I would be ready for Shabbat before sunset. Thursday and Friday were two full days, but it all got done and I was ready to rest. Elaina prepared on Saturday and by Saturday night we were off to the Meeting Room for a 5 hour raw food extravaganza! Thanks to all our kitchen angels and Diana Harrelson we had a phenomenal class.

Elaina and I with the LA angels...Debbie's there too only she is behind the camera :0)
Elaina and I with the LA angels…Debbie’s there too
only she is behind the camera :0)
Elaina rolls up some Enchilada Spirals...Oh so tasty!
Elaina rolls up some Enchilada Spirals…Oh so tasty!

Debbie did a beautiful blog on her experience of our class…thanks Debbie – you can check that out here.

You would think that a 5 hour class seemed like a long set, but with such enthusiastic participants, great help and love for what we do the time just flew right on bye. There were many highlights to all the classes, but Debbie caught a very fun moment on camera – AJ one of our kitchen angels is quite a character and we had some great dynamics together. Below is a quick clip on the texture for dipping chocolate and a fun moment between myself and Chef AJ.

After a quick clean up and short night nap/sleep we rose up early in the morning to head out for our Santa Barbara class. A gorgeous drive down the 101 and about 2 hours later we arrived at the beautiful home overlooking the city and ocean, got set up and began another 5 hour download of high vibes, tasty treats and a wealth of knowledge. Each group is so different, lovely, valued and vibrant!

Chaya teaching the Santa Barbara group
Chaya teaching the Santa Barbara group
Pouring the cheesecake
Pouring the cheesecake

After another fun and fast five hours we were packing up and heading back to Northern California……yes we were on the move and groove. A 5+ hour drive back to the bay, good nights sleep, a couple days of clean up and re-pack and we were off for our northern half of the west coast tour. Off to Oregon we go….wooohoooo, and although we were delightfully met with a beautiful few days in L.A. the green, white and bright blue of Northern California and beyond captures the senses, spirit and heart!

Two girls who love each other...very much....
Two girls who love each other…very much….
........know how to have tons of fun......
……know how to have tons of fun…..

....and find all the best places to stop along the way....
….and find all the best places to stop along the way….

Of course we had to stop at all the best health food stores on our way up to Portland. The first stop was in Shasta, where they have ideal road food pickings but also some of the cutest hand made "hippie" clothes around, definitely worth checking out if you have a chance! Next was the Ahsland food co-op a sweet store in an adorable town. I like taking my time on the road, enjoying the scenery and the local attractions….for us that will always include cute local health food stores! We zoomed on up to Portland where I was BLESSED to get to see and stay with my family. Such a fun trip, I got the chance to meet Elaina’s beautiful parents and she had the chance to meet mine. We prepared on Wed. and had our class at my favorite Portland food Co-op on Thursday. If you ever get up to Portland definitely stop through People’s food Cooperative!

Outside the Shasta health food store...
Outside the Shasta health food store…

Elaina is a dynamic and skilled teacher and chef!
Elaina is a dynamic and skilled teacher and chef!
See my Mommy in the blue....her first time seeing me teach...Yay!
A sweet Portland group…so attentive and receptive.we love you!

Portland was filled with love, our angels were on top of all out needs and everything flowed sweet and smooth. I love that my Momma Bear got to see me teach for the first time!

A sweet Portland group...so attentive and receptive.we love you!
See my Mommy in the blue….her first time seeing me teach…Yay!

After two days of rest and recuperation it was off to Seattle Washington and what a treat that was! Tom and Susan of Raw Vegan Source hosted us in their retreat like home nestled on a fertile plot of land that is being cultivated for the good of the community at large. If ever you have the chance I highly recommend checking out what they are creating as it is a vast resource for learning and inspiration, I am looking forward to spending more time with them as well. Our class was another vibrant success – the room was packed with beaming faces hungry for knowledge and some tasty treats! Notice the energy bubbles floating around in the picture to follow, it was the only class in which I read my ode’ to chocolate – a poem called "chocolate speaks". I will post that below for any of you who would love to take a read.

Elaina and I in Seattle...can ya feel the energy in that room - check out all the little orbie orbs ;0))
Elaina and I in Seattle…can ya feel the energy in that room – check out all the little orbie orbs ;0)

We wasted no time although both Elaina and I would have loved some leisure hours of play in the misty woods. All things in their own time. We got to have leisure car time full of fun conversation, silly pics, the BEST raw chocolate truffles and cups on the planet. I haven’t mentioned them yet, but I must make a quick interlude to tell you about Coracao confections. Mathew Rodgers and Daniel Korson have started up this raw chocolate company – these chocolates are at a completely new level of refinement of flavor texture and usage of ingredients. Definitely check out the website, place an order, if you are in the bay area they are being carried in most Whole Foods Markets. Big thanks to the boys of Coracao for gifting us with a box of arrayed chocolates to inspire and energize our bodies, minds and souls on the vast and open road. As you can see below we were highly uplifted by these delicate and heart healing bits of heavenly goodness….

indulging in coracao confections sweet treats...
indulging in coracao confections sweet treats.
coracao vanilla hemp cup no THC but certainly uplifting!
coracao vanilla hemp cup no THC but certainly uplifting!

We were continually met with gorgeous skies, moody and electric weather and interspersed stops to hug family and spread the love!

A beautiful skyline....
A beautiful skyline….

My Pappa Bear lives in Eugene so of course we had to stop by if only for a quick hug, big laugh and sharing of spirit.


The rest of the ride home was full of silliness, scenery and our favorite health food stops along the way.

healing to the senses...
healing to the senses…

Elaina and I had to do something worthwhile on this 13+ hour drive, so between the divine downloads, we read from Conscious languaging, took more silly pics and decided to do some toning in motion….

Toning in Motion.....
Toning in Motion…..

That brought about a good half hour of laughter and lightheartedness, well worth it and I advise it as a support for vitality and radiance to all who seek that electric glow!

Camera play, getting back to the bay
Camera play, getting back to the bay

We arrived back in a stormy bay area around 9pm Monday night. It was an experience well worth repeating. I send big thanks and love to all who joined us for this shared journey of learning, live foods and inspired hearts. We look forward to seeing you again sooner than later, and I would love to hear and see what you are up to in your kitchen and along your live journey.

With love and Gratitude, until we meet again, Chaya.

Thanks, Love and Light!
Thanks, Love and Light!


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