Successful Event, Healthy Holiday Survival Guide and Patisserie coming soon!

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This weekend was the Healthy Holiday Survival event. It was the first time Living Vision has gone to an event to promote our new offerings and services. Heather was our rep. at the event and from the feedback she has given me it was a complete success. We sampled out some of our desserts; a pumpkin cream cheese bar with whipped cream and candied pecans, chocolate cream bars with Lucuma Caramel and whipped cream and some home made spicy hemp milk chai.  Although I couldn’t be there I could feel the love through Heathers description of the day long event. We are excited to begin getting the word out and even more excited that people seem very interested in our sweet offerings!

You may be asking “well what is this “new” service you are offering”? As many of you are aware I (Chef Chaya-Ryvka) specialize in raw desserts and have been entertaining the thought of starting a raw dessert service for quite some time. That is exactly what we are doing. Living Vision is launching a weekly to go raw dessert service. A menu will go out every week with seasonal as well as year round favorite options. We will have truly low glycemic options and are choosing to be 100% Agave Free! Woohoo! We will keep you posted as this progresses. If you are interested in receiving our weekly menu just sign up here.

•Live patisserie •Raw •Vegan•Organic
•Live Desserts to-go
•Weekly Menu
•Pick up or delivery
•Special Occasions
•Agave Free
15% off your first purchase*
*Valid Until 01/20/2011
Coupon Code: LVO1
For more informations or specific questions email:


I also want to let you know about the “Healthy Holiday Survival Guide”. Raw Bay Area has created a first of its kind Healthy Holiday Survival Guide for raw and health-conscious foodies seeking to transform their holiday celebrations. This book is packed with helpful articles and 35 delicious recipes to keep your holiday season fresh and healthy. We’ve gathered this special collection of recipes and advice with the help of raw food luminaries like Cherie Soria, Elaina Love, Matt & Angela Monarch and Russell James. Plus, we’ve included a section by hot new raw chefs including Cafe Gratitude’s new head pastry chef Gregory Manitsas, Melissa Mango, Chaya-Ryvka, cookbook author Diana Stobo and many others.

This beautiful book is full color with lots of gorgeous food pictures and professional design elements. You can buy it as an e-book or printed version. We made it spiral bound, so it’s easy to use in the kitchen and share these luscious raw holiday recipes with your friends and family.

Thanks for loving what we do.



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    Everything here looks so lovely. Wish I ived closer so I could take the classes. Will look into the book!

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