The Living Vision continues to offer the highest standards of healthy and wholesome kitchen services – from private classes and kitchen consultations to limited edition dessert catering and up to date research in how to prepare the food that is right for you.

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Private Classes 

Enjoy a one to six hour live food prep class with personal instruction from Chef Chaya-Ryvka in the comfort of your own home. With every personalized class that Chaya-Ryvka teaches the student gets to participate in creating the menu based upon their desired curriculum. The student will receive a detailed recipe packet, experience creating the foods in a hands on class format, and enjoy tasting all the treats they create together. You will also get to bring home all of the completed recipes to enjoy with your family and friends! 


$60.00 per hour and cost of ingredients

4 Hour Half Day: $220.00 and cost of ingredients

7 Hour Full Day: $367.50 and cost of ingredients

$15.00 extra per hour for each additional participant

($25.00 per hour for travel outside of the Berkeley, East bay area. Please call or email for out of town, daily, or week long rates.)

Limited Edition Desserts

At the Living Vision Patisserie we offer limited edition gourmet living sweet treats through our dessert menu. We also cater and create custom desserts for special occasions such as birthdays and weddings. We honor those who choose to live a raw lifestyle, those who want low glycemic choices, those who seek gluten free cuisine, and those who are just looking for a healthier alternative. Enhance your healthy lifestyle with our high quality, visually stunning, and delicious desserts. Contact us at or by calling 415-779-2111 to learn more and get your questions answered.

All of our food services can be made 100% halachikly kosher for even the strictest level of kosher observance. Chef Chaya-Ryvka spent a year and a half studying in a Chabad Seminary in Tsfat, Israel and would happily work with a mashgiach to oversee the kashrut if that is desired.

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