Raw Vegan Persimmon Almond Butter Nog

persimmon nog 4

As I was playing with my brand new blendtec blender, I had the idea to make a five minute nog using almond butter, persimmons and a few other ingredients that I had available in my kitchen. The result was a creamy and silky smooth nog. Both delicious and reminiscent of  a traditional nog, but actually good for me, wholesome, and nutrient dense.

It is very likely you will have all of the ingredients you’ll need for this recipe in your kitchen already – except possibly for the persimmons. You can blend it up in a matter of minutes and enjoys some rich and guilt-free holiday satisfaction. 

Fuyu persimmons are the apple like, flat persimmons that are eaten firm and crisp. They are in season in the fall and give this recipe a distinct, seasonal flavor and nog-like texture! 

Hop on over to Blendtec’s blog to get this recipe for yourself: 

Raw Persimmon Almond Butter Nog



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