Basics Steps for Your Raw Success

Begin your day with 16 – 32 oz. of spring or purified water preferably with half a lemon squeezed into it. This daily routine will support your body in flushing out toxins and completing the nightly “detox” that our bodies go through. You will begin your day refreshed, well hydrated and your bowels will be gently stimulated and cleansed.

Drink a green smoothie (or green juice) every day – I love doing this with the first signs of hunger after my morning water. It’s a great way to alkalize and keep our bodies well hydrated. Starting your day green is energizing and often inspires healthier choices throughout the day. Not to mention, that even if you don’t make the BEST choices later in the day, at least you know you got a lot of greens in right off the bat!

Eat your Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Have soaked chia and or flax seeds in a jar (separate containers) in your fridge. Add a Tbs. to your smoothies or soups or use for turning yesterdays pate’s into tomorrows crackers! Keep hemp seeds in your freezer that you can add to your smoothies, salad dressings, soups, or sprinkled on top of any favorite food. It’s good to have high integrity, always refrigerated hemp oil, chia oil, or flax oil on hand as well. Udo’s is a brand you can trust. You may also want to think about taking an omega 3 supplement for optimal brain, and hormone function.

Have greens prewashed and other veggies pre-prepped and ready to go in airtight containers. This way you can quickly make fresh salads, raw soups, or just have some grab n’ go veggies on hand. Keeping your diet fresh and green even when you’re in a rush and super hungry is totally possible! Set yourself up for success!

Be snack ready. Have raw fruits, vegetable crudite`, fresh veggie, nut and seed pate`s on hand for dipping, spreading and adding umph to your basic foods. Raw crackers and kale chips are great to have available for crunchy snacks. When you are out and about, or visiting with friends who may not be health conscious it is even more important to have your fresh, healthy and still delish’ snacks on hand. Who knows, they may even be inspired to try something you are enjoying. Be the inspiration rather than allowing someone elses less than healthful practices to influence you!

Soak and Dehydrate. Always have soaked and dehydrated nuts and seeds on hand. If they are pre-soaked and dried you can store them in a glass jar ready to use for milk making, gRAWnola, crackers, and nut butters.

Do a little menu planning. Plan a couple special meals a week to keep life exciting. Plus, a single recipe will usually yield enough to have some leftovers, making a simple salad more interesting and satisfying.

Learn easy recipes that you love, especially for meal basics. You will find that with wonderful recipes, you will look forward to making good food choices. Great recipes are particularly useful when you will be with eaters of cooked foods so you can remain sociable, eat healthfully and spread good habits by example.

Consider transition steps. You don’t have to go all raw now or ever to be healthy. However, you do want to decide which cooked foods to keep incorporated, or to introduce, into your healthy lifestyle practice. For examples, soaked, sprouted and slow cooked legumes may be the cooked food you keep. lightly steamed veggies, and sprouted cooked quinoa with a nice dressing on a bed of mixed greens is another extremely healthful and satisfying transitional meal. They are all healthier than commercial dairy, meat, and most other “Western” food options, plus are very filling.

Prepare for eating

Once or twice a week prepare a pate, a sauce/dip (such as guacamole, salsa, marinara, pesto, etc.) sprouts and a salad dressing (thousand island, ranch, miso, tahini, tomato- basil) Once a month make staples such as crackers, tortillas, pizza crusts, fruit leather, chips, cookies, cereal/granola, energy bars.

Have staple vegetables always on hand: sprouts, kale, spinach, parsley, bell pepper, lemon, zucchini, smoothie fruits and avocados. If you find some of your fruit is getting too ripe, freeze it in “smoothie packs”.• Ripen your fruit before eating so that it is at the peak of sweetness. These ripen at home on the counter: pepper, banana, kiwi, tomato, avocado, limes, stone fruit, mango, pear, and papaya.

Living organic foods are (according to the author’s experience) the most ideal form of body fuel for living optimally. Live foods carry consciousness, vitality, (not to mention essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients, micro-nutrients, essential fats, and hydration) the building blocks for physical well being and nourishment. Feed your body life and its brilliance will shine through you. Feed your body devitalized foods and your body must work that much harder to come back into balance, using it’s own vital life force.

Stroll through our e-garden of life, you will find a calendar of classes and events, information on live food nutrition and lifestyle, recipes, resources, directions for further learning, recommended reading, and so much more. We are delighted to be here with you at this time and to be an active part of our co-evolution. Welcome and all the blessings of awakened life, love, and wisdom!