Raw Cookie Recipe

Easy Raw Recipe for Chocolate Coconut Cookies

If you have been following my recent posts or know me via facebook you are probably well aware that I moved to Jerusalem, Israel mid October 2012, which is why I have not posted a recipe since August of 2012. Between packing, waiting for our lift to arrive and unpacking I have not had much time for recipe development. However that has all changed and I am back in the raw foodie flow, especially those sweet treats that keep my hands out of the more conventional “cookie jar”.

Israel, in regards to ingredient availability is like shopping in the Organic section at a Safeway market in middle America…..if that. I love the local health food store and am thankful that there is one, but in terms of what I am used to, it has been quite literally a health food and specialty ingredient desert. In Berkeley, CA where I came from EVERYTHING was available and most things in bulk. From the basic organic produce, nuts, seeds, sea veggies, young coconuts, bulk sauerkraut, cacao products and just about every superfood you could imagine. The clocks have wound way back for me here in Jerusalem and I am taking a much simpler approach to my raw food creativity.

The recipe I am sharing today is a really easy raw chocolate and coconut cookie. It was inspired by another cookie recipe I made (see picture above) a couple weeks ago which I titled “chocolate dimples”. It was a vanilla-coffee cookie with a caramel fudge rosette. Sweetened only with dates and very basic ingredients across the board. These chocolate coconut cookies are part of a re-creation of the Chocolate Dimple only this time it will be a Double Chocolate Dimple!

The “dimple” is the caramel fudge center which I am holding out on sharing for a very special “Raw Caramel ” e-book to come (sorry to be such a tease and to make you wait). I am certain however, that if you are a lover of chocolate and a quick and easy recipe, with few ingredients, you will adore these cookies.

On to the recipe.

Chocolate-Coconut Cookie

Recipe by Chaya-Ryvka Diehl


  • 3 Cups shredded coconut
  • 3/4 Cup cacao powder
  • 3/4 Cup pitted Medjool dates,packed
  • 1/4 + 1/8 tsp. high mineral sea salt
  • 10 drops vanilla flavor extract from Medicine Flower (you may use a splash of vanilla extract or a vanilla bean seeded)

Process all of the above ingredients in a food processor fitted with the “s” blade attachment, until you have a light, consistent and powdery texture.


  • 3-4 Tbs. water, start with 3 Tbs. use just enough so that the mixture holds together with a slight squeeze, but is not wet or soggy, add more water if needed.

Continue processing until your mixture is uniform and holds together with a slight squeeze.

Transfer mixture to a cookie sheet, teflex sheet or other large and flat moveable surface.

Spread the mixture loose and even over your surface. If your surface seems too small for the mixture use two surfaces. One teflex sheet for a 9 tray dehydrator is the perfect size.

Once your mixture is loosely and evenly spread use a flat hand to press, and pack it down into flat sheet. Do your best to create a uniform surface. You can use one hand to create a border on the outside edge while pressing firmly on the inside.

Once your sheet is ready you may place it either in a dehydrator for a more crisp cookie or the refrigerator (if you do not have a dehydrator) to firm it up a bit before cutting.

If dehydrating allow them to dehydrate for a few hours, but not until they are completely firm. Just enough to cut easily.

If refrigerating allow them to refrigerate for an hour or two.

Cut your cookies with cookie cutters or into squares using a large chefs knife (make sure not to use a knife on your teflex sheet as you will cut into and destroy it). If you use a cookie cutter, save the scraps to sprinkle over your favorite raw ice cream, pie, cake or any other way you see fit…you may just eat them along the way 😉 !

Store refrigerated, or if dehydrating you may want to allow them to dry for an additional hour or two and then store them in an airtight container preferably in the fridge.

Will store well up to two weeks.

Bon Apetit!


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