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Sprouted Sunflower Hummus (Bean Free)


Chaya’s “Sprouted Sunflower Hummus” is a bean free and nut free hummus that we believe is better than any traditional hummus we have tasted. Using all fresh and organic ingredients (no preservatives or rancid oils) Chaya whips up a smooth and creamy hummus with mouth watering flavors that marry perfectly with your favorite toast, crackers, vegetable crudite, right on top of your salad – we love it with just about everything savory! 

Chaya’s Sprouted Sunflower Hummus is served in an 8 oz. plant derived – biodegradable deli container and will last a minimum of 7 days refrigerated. 

Product Description


Organic sprouted sunflower seeds, organic sesame tahini, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic fresh squeezed lemon juice, organic garlic, Himalayan crystal salt, organic ground cumin.