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Macadamia Ricotta


Chef Chaya’s Macadamia Ricotta is a dairy free cheesy spread. It’s light, creamy texture and flavor is a sense pleasure with just the right amount of pop and spreadability. Although this “Ricotta” is perfect with fresh vegetable crudite, atop your favorite cracker or bread, wrapped in a collard leaf or nori wrap, tossed with zucchini noodles, used for a dairy free pizza cheese alternative, the folks here at Living Vision Foods find it hard not to just spoon it right out of the jar (our guess is you will too!). 

*Served in a 4 oz. vegetable based biodegradable souffle cup.

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Product Description


Organic Raw Macadamia Nuts, Fresh Organic Lemon Juice, Unpasteurized Organic Miso (soy free), Himalayan Crystal Salt, Purified Water