Living Vision is an offering of inspiration to elicit the possibility of living as vision. Rather than holding a vision, we challenge the person to face this moment with lucidity and live as vision, live in vision, live vision. This is the innate super shero/hero mentality nestled beneath the surface of each and every soul embodied in flesh; meaning as each ever renewed moment is presented – it is lived by the higher conscious choice, rather than habit or comfort, choice to excel in purpose, essence and awareness propels each moment’s thoughts, speech and deed into the next. Not a small task, but life truly seems to be about the journey – not the destination. Or to put that another way perhaps this moment, that is every moment is the destination in itself.

Your fleshy vessel – the vessel you are living and experiencing life through – was and is designed in complete perfection. With the proper knowledge and application of that knowledge we can all truly live the glowing, vibrant life of a divine being in its most ideal elements of support. Just like a blade of grass, a blossoming lotus, an ancient cedar growing perfectly inspired and strong with the elements of life surrounding and infusing it – we can also be in-spire, with the thrust of life flowing freely through the vessel of clarity and optimal wellness.

Eating, drinking, breathing, sleeping, speaking, moving and eliminating are basic components in this miraculous occurrence of terrestrial life that we are co-experiencing and experimenting through. With each of those vital aspects of our physical functioning we have the opportunity for their optimization, refinement and heightening of consciousness. On the other hand without awareness knowledge and action we are blindly allowing the constant dimming, dulling and deteriorating of our innate freedom potential which can swiftly and silently get locked into a prison of habit and addiction without even a glimpse of awareness. Each moment is a brand new opportunity infused with all the knowledge of creation awaiting and subtly beckoning our presence, acknowledgement and action. These are the workings of creation. Choose life or choose death, breath consciously or unconsciously, sleep with attention and awareness or cuddle into a slumber of ignorance is bliss, either way be aware that it is choice, that is the gift of free will. We all go through some shade of each and every possibility of conscious and unconscious action; there is a time and place for every experience. Living Vision is a voice to inspire the experience of conscious choice, lucid willfulness and drawing in of the breath of life through every avenue of physical experience.