Morning Mocha Elixir…

(This is not my Mocha, but it is a beautiful depiction.)

If you are like me you always loved a creamy latte drink to start off your day, or any time of day for that matter. Now that I don’t drink the caffeine, don’t want the sugar, soy milk and artificial flavors served up at most cafe’s (not to mention most of those drinks were way too sweet for my tastebuds) I have fallen in love with my home made, vegan and herbal version. Not only is it caffeine free but it has an herbal backbone (which could be any herbal tea infusion you love) giving it a nutritive and tonic chemistry. It is perfectly sweet, creamy, frothy, warm and really easy to make – highlighting the wonderful quality that hemp seeds have of not needing to be strained! This warming morning elixir changes with my mood and often the season. When it’s really cold I like making an herbal chai base which provides deep internal warmth with the use of fresh ginger, cinnamon, black pepper and other warming spices. Lately I have been really into a carob mocha, which features the coffee flavor extract from Medicine Flower, a completely caffeine free organic, cold pressed flavor extract providing aromatic coffee flavor notes for those who like me LOVE the flavor, but not how the drink leaves me feeling……This extract is AMAZING stuff to say the least, and the drink perfectly divine in my humble opinion!!!

Here’s how I make it:

I start with a strong infusion of Nettles and Oat Straw tea. I take a large four finger pinch of each herb and place them into a quart sized mason jar. Next I pour boiling water over the herbs and allow them to steep for anywhere from a half hour to overnight. It all depends on if I’m thinking of it in advance or if it’s last minute, the longer the better for the herbal impact. I do reheat the infusion before making the drink so that it’s a cuddly warm morning drink.

  • 2 Cups warm or hot Herbal Infusion
  • 1 heaping Tbs. Carob Powder
  • 1 Tbs. Coconut Sugar
  • 2 Tbs. Hemp Seeds
  • 5 drops Coffee Flavor Extract from Medicine Flower, if you don’t know about these cold pressed organic flavor extracts hop on board and the world of taste sensations will open before you!

Now blend, blend, blend….then drink and let the warm buzzzzz melt over you and gently awaken your senses! I hope you try this, love it and play with it. Let me know what wonderful versions you come up with? What are your favorite herbs to drink and why???? I love to learn, and I love to play!

Here’s a video of the Mocha, Enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image


2 Responses

  1. chaya

    That sounds so good Miriam! I just adore creamy, hot drinks, I love chocolate, I love lattes, but they don’t serve me for general use. These alternatives do hit the spot, and are so nourishing. Last night I had oat straw with lemon balm, hemp seeds and stevia – yummmm. That one is really soothing and calming!

    Love to you, and thanks for visiting!

  2. Miriam Padway

    Thanks for this recipe. I periodically browse through your blog for ideas and inspiration, and happened upon this. I’m not a coffee drinker and can’t really have caffeine (even cacao), so this is an awesome elixir with carob powder. I made it with nettle and red raspberry leaf tea and a date for sweetener. Great pick me up and nourishing drink to look forward to in the morning or late afternoon. Blessings 🙂

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