LV Agreements: Night Eating

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This is the first post, and the first agreement in my new “LV (Living Vision) Agreements” category. For the purpose of community support, accountability and possibly to inspire you to make your own, I am using this space to publicly announce month long agreements to change or take on certain habits.

You are invited to come with me with me on my journeys, join me if you feel aligned to do so, or share your own processes of transformation. I will post regular updates as I proceed to share with you how I am doing, what changes I am noticing, and my ease or struggles with the transition.

My first Agreement:

Night Eating/Intermittent Fasting

From January 15th through February 15th I am agreeing that I will complete the intake of any food substances by 7pm. I am agreeing to take this on fully as a practice no matter what my day or night looks like. If it is 7pm and I have not gotten to dinner yet, then that will be a fast night and I will eat again no earlier than 12 hours later or the morning whichever is later.

Why this is important to me:

Food, whether raw, cooked, sweet, savory or otherwise has been a point of weakness for me since childhood. I was obese as a teenager and have been step by step improving my health and relationship with food ever since. Still, an ongoing, habitual and impulsive pattern is to dip my hands into the “cookie jar” during the after dinner hours. The idea of having “dessert” is my “prize” so to speak at the end of the day. Something to look forward to after I’ve gotten my son to sleep, when I can just kick back and put my feet up. Usually this will accompany a movie or TV program.  Food and TV is an addictive and self defeating habit that has also been an on and off pattern since teenagehood.

I have heard a number of times that when our bodies are busy processing food one cannot also process emotions. Therefore the more we eat, the more at bay we keep suppressed emotions.

It is amazing to me that when I choose not to partake in night eating or television I either get very creative or I just go to sleep. The next morning I have a sense of inner peace, vitality and comfort. On the other hand when I do give in to the habitual patterns it begins with innocent intentions of relaxing as I am too tired to do anything else (and really I should just go to sleep). But, what ends up happening is a little cookie (it may or may not be raw for those of you wondering) and oh just one more…well maybe one more, and before you know it I am feeling a bit uncomfortable as I had one too many, it is too late to let the food digest completely and I go to bed with a sense of guilt and mild discomfort. The next morning I usually still feel slightly full or bloated and not very well rested.

It is not uncommon to overeat while watching television and in fact when I do, I am not doing it because I am hungry. To the contrary, I’ve already eaten dinner – I just want the sweet treat as a sense of delight and comfort. It has nothing to do with a feeling of physical fullness, it is an emotional fullness that I am looking for and neither food nor the sweetest romantic comedy will EVER fill that space. This is where fasting comes into play. The only way I will find true inner peace and comfort is to face my void, my fear, my silence.

I have done long fasts, the longest was a 92 day Juice Feast. That is not what I am talking about here. I am talking about time, every day where I leave my body to do its own processing without any added input. Ultimately this time would be without the media input as well, and I will probably get to that “agreement” later on down the road. For now, just cutting out the food intake for at least 12 hours a day (or night) is a beginning that will support me physically as well as emotionally.

I was on Dr. Mercola’s site reading an article about the detrimental effects of Fructose. In that article (many great points on fructose consumption, overeating and weight gain) he talks about intermittent fasting. Where one does not consume any food from a minimum of 3 hours before bed (for proper digestion) and 12-18 hours after that.

The agreement I am making with myself is to take on a 12 hour intermittent fast. From 7 pm (because I tend to go to bed around 10 pm) until 7 am I will allow my body the chance to process, detox and reset. After a month of consistently holding to this practice I imagine I will be a much stronger, more disciplined, more peace filled, leaner and overall healthier version of me.

It all starts tonight. Thank you for being whiteness’ and holding space for me on these paths of transformation.

I will be posting regular updates at least once a week or more if something profound comes up. Subscribe to my feed to stay posted.

Do you have nighttime habits that you would like to change? Is intermittent fasting something that you would try? Or, have you overcome some nighttime eating habits and if so how did you change them? What are your night time eating patterns Now? Join in the conversation and we can support and inspire each other. I look forward to hearing from you.

In Love,

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