LV Agreements Journal Days 1-4: Night Eating & Intermittent Fasting

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If you are wondering what this “LV Agreement” is all about, check out my first post here.

Night One

So far I have had a general sense of discomfort around the idea of a night where grabbing a little snack is out of the question. It feels more like preparing for a fast than I was expecting, and reminds me of when I went off of sugar for 3 months. The first few days I had a feeling of sadness as if a sense of joy was removed from my life. It feels silly to say because I live a life of abundance and feel quite spoiled and privileged compared to much of the world.

Tonight the idea of sitting to watch something seems a little pointless without the option of having a treat or even a sweet and creamy tea to go along with it. I observe all of these feelings, quite stunned at the weight they carry, and laugh with myself a bit like inside I am a little child having a tantrum over something that seems quite trivial to all the grown ups around.

At 9 pm my belly feels hungry. I ate dinner very early (4:30) and had a little sweet treat around 6pm so I wouldn’t feel deprived later (now). Nonetheless I still feel deprived (laughing at myself) as I break the habit. That’s it for now, more tomorrow.

Night Two

I woke up this morning feeling really hungry, which is funny. Normally if I don’t eat before bed I wake up feeling satisfied, but perhaps it was a longer break between food and bed.

Getting dinner in and finished by 7 pm has been a push. I was rushing tonight, ate and finished up by 6:59…cutting it kind of close. I take my son to play at the park in the evening around 4:30 so getting back to prepare, and deal with any last minute disaster (tonight it was broken glass), to sit down with enough time to eat can be, and was, quite a hurdle. But I did it! And, I think that’s better than last night where I ate my main meal before going to the park and then had a little snack after getting home. That’s probably why I felt so hungry last night and this morning.

Even though I feel a sense of fear around filling my desire for the pleasure and satisfaction that I was trying to get from my night snacks, there is also a sense of excitement around finding a healthy outlet for experiencing fullness and satisfaction.
That’s night two.

Nights 3 & 4

Night 3 was interesting because again on the second night even though I ate right up until 6:59 I found that I was still feeling hungry and anxious a bit later. What I ended up doing on the 3rd night was eating a BIG meal around 6pm and having a sweet something around 6:45 just so I would have that craving out of my system as the night proceeded. That actually seemed to work for me. I wasn’t over full and yet I didn’t feel hungry. However I did end up passing out really, really early which means I didn’t get those 3 hours to digest.

By the next morning the difference was apparent in that although I didn’t feel full or uncomfortable, I didn’t feel the same lightness I had felt on the nights that I did give myself time to digest before going to sleep.

That was night 3, night 4 was a bit different and I will have to adjust my agreement because of it. Night 4, last night, was Shabbat. Shabbat comes every week, and as the sun is setting later and later Shabbat is coming in later and later.

Shabbat, the Jewish Sabbath is a Holiday that is celebrated every week. It is the day of rest beginning at sundown Friday and lasting until nightfall Saturday. The Shabbat meal is a very important aspect of the Holiday and does not begin until after nightfall and evening prayers. We didn’t sit down to eat until 7pm and finished around 8 pm.

What I did do was stick with the 12 hour intermittent fasting. Meaning I did not eat solid food until after 8 am. As the sun is setting later Shabbat meal time will continue to be later, and I will be okay with that still keeping to the 12 hours of fasting. The adjustment I am making is that I agree to complete the intake of food by 7pm 6 nights a week followed by a 12 hour fast, and on Shabbat I will eat when we eat, and stick to the 12 hours of fasting from the time the meal is complete.

As I write this it is Saturday night, my 5th night of this first Living Vision Agreement. My experience so far is of feeling empowered, and enjoying the lightness and slimness that my body takes on in even just these beginning days. I notice that my draw to watch a movie or other program is greatly reduced without the option of having something to eat with it – which is a very revealing observation for me to reflect upon.

Also, because my son tends to wake up really early (between 5 and 6), and I exercise first thing, I do get quite hungry before my 12 hours of fasting is up. What I have been doing (after drinking some water) is to make a green juice, so far mainly Romaine or Celery with a little Apple and Lemon to start my day. Before this “LV Agreement” I would have had some Mate` after my exercises with a little honey and nut or rice milk. That would feel like cheating within the agreement mainly because of the honey and milk, but the juice I feel great about and it is a great way to alkalize at the start of the day. Once my 12 hours is up, then I make my tea!
So far, so good!

Have any of you been inspired by this agreement, do you already have a similar practice, or is it something that you think would support you in more fully embodying your brilliance?

As always I would love to hear from you, and have the opportunity to be a voice of strength and support.

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