LV Agreements Journal Day 7: Night Eating, Intermittent Fasting

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If you are wondering what this “LV Agreement” is all about, check out my first post here.

Night Eating/Intermittent Fasting Day 7

One week down three to go. In the beginning (a whole week ago now) I made an agreement that from the 15th of January to the 15th of February 2013 I would stop eating by 7 pm and fast until 7 am. Since then the agreement has had a couple of minor adjustments, the first one being that on Friday night I will eat whenever we eat in observance of the Shabbat evening meal and resume eating 12 hours after that meal was complete. The second change is that for the last two days I have extended my fasting period by two hours. For now I stop eating by 7 pm and I resume no earlier than 9 am (other than green juice and tea).

Green Juice

Before beginning this agreement I was not drinking green juices on a regular basis (consistently desiring to, but not making it happen). One unexpected consequence of holding off on my “break-fast” is that I am now effortlessly making and consuming at least 12-16 ounces of green juice first thing in the morning.

Many raw food health authorities that I look up to, recommend starting your day with green juice (after some water with lemon) to help further detoxify and alkalize your system. They also say this practice will energize and hydrate you more than anything else. I still drink my morning mate` after my green juice, but I can say I feel a different sort of charge with the green juice. It is a tingling in my veins sort of sensation, along with an emotional satisfaction that it’s just 7 am and I have already had a large serving of greens – truly an uplifting way to start the day.

Although I don’t have access to everything and anything in terms of organic produce here in Israel, I find that my green juice selection has actually broadened from what I would use back in the states. Cafe Gratitude had a drink called “I am Healthy”. It consisted of Kale, Celery, Cucumber, Lemon and if you wanted they would add a splash of SOLE – which I LOVED. It was the most refreshing salad in a cup, and it became my “go-to” green drink. Now, I have rarely seen kale anywhere, and cucumbers which are normally all over the place have not been at my local health food store, so my green juices have been quite varied over this past week. Usually I mix a fruit with a leafy vegetable; Romaine and Apple, Chard and Apple, Celery, Romaine and Apple (yes, apple has been my main fruit of choice although orange gets thrown into the mix too).

Today however, I made parsley and orange juice and WOW was that a refreshing, sweet-tart, aromatic combination. Even Hodie (who will normally help me make the juice, give it a little taste and go on to something else) enjoyed it and drank quite a helping of it himself. There’s a deep satisfaction for me in starting my day this way, and I think it is a great habit for Hodie to see me practicing.


My morning routine consists of waking up with Hodie (between 5 and 6:30), drinking water, doing about 40 minutes of exercise and meditation, making and drinking my green juice, having tea, feeding Hodie, and doing Mommy stuff until it’s time for my “break-fast” at or after 9 am. Bringing more intention into my morning routine has created a foundation that carries me into the day. It keeps me focused and sets a tone of purpose and personal success.

In terms of my sweet consumption (in a previous post I mentioned that I was eating more sweets during the day to make up for those I wouldn’t be eating at night) I still ate more than I ultimately desire to, but I did eat less than I have been, and managed not to eat any after my dinner which felt gratifying.

Every day my sense of hunger is less and less both in the evening before bed and in the morning before breakfast. In general I’ve been experiencing a greater sense of self control and self respect which has lead to more inner peace, calm and excitement.

Week One!

How about your morning routine, how do you like to start your day?
Do you enjoy drinking green juices or have you yet to try?
If you do drink them, how do they make you feel and do you have a favorite combo?

I look forward to hearing from you. More soon ~

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