Living Vision Agreements Journal: 30 Unrefined Days

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Time to get Unrefined!

Resistance is an understatement when it comes to me getting this agreement down in writing, and on top of that I can honestly say I’ve been in a state of trepidation around undertaking it. Take away my trigger foods, my addictive foods, my “comfort” foods, means either really facing the issues that I use these foods to suppress, or passing the pattern on to another area while still not dealing with my “stuff”.

I want to get to the bottom of my “stuff”, i’m feeling it, I’m ready for it, and I’m instigating it by making these 30 day agreements. Still, there is a sense of fear and distrust. That however, has nothing to do with all that I really am. I am willing to face those fears and breathe the life of Life into my heart, nullifying the “small” picture and affirming the Eternal within me.

Having said that I will go on with my agreement (deep breath).

The Agreement: 30 unrefined days

For the next 30 days I am agreeing to stop indulging in foods containing refined grains, or refined sugars (I will be using maple syrup, and raw honey to make raw desserts). To that, I am including wine (which I tend to drink a glass of 3 or 4 nights a week), and I will cut my latte habit down to 2 days a week (Keepin’ it real, not quite ready to let that one go all the way!). Finally, I am continuing my agreement to stop eating by 7 pm without a specified fast period, and without including Friday nights (Shabbat, especially as sunset gets later) into the 7 pm cut off.

Easy enough right?…….we’ll see! If you’ve read my previous agreement on night eating and intermittent fasting you are aware that I had a habit of eating unhealthy foods late at night. During that agreement the hours of eating those foods changed, but I still ate and indulged in them much too much. It has become an addictive and habitual cycle that is not only not serving me, but has kept me from being the potent and powerful expression of Source that is our birthright and my deepest desire.

That’s it and I agree!!!

I’m ready and I am thrilled to further break the un-serving, and unconscious patterns while intentionally creating truly powerful life practices.

Do you have any life practices that have become routine, but are not serving your ultimate expression? Do you feel ready to empower yourself to move into more conscious creating? Is there a small agreement that you could make that would lead you in that direction? Care to share? As always I would be honored to hear from you.

Thank you for reading, sharing, stopping by, supporting, loving…..being all you are!!!!

In love,

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