Living Vision Agreement “30 unrefined Days”: Week Two

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Another week flew by eating only whole foods and it has been pretty easy for me; definitely a refreshing change. Not that I was too far off of a high raw-whole foods diet before, but I had that midday sweet tooth that would get fulfilled by the local artisan bakery and occasionally if we were out I might grab something less than the best but still far from the worst. In any case making the choice to only choose whole foods has kept me from many less-than-the-best choices that have crossed my path. In the end making the whole food choice definitely feels best.

The biggest challenge has not been in letting go of the breads and sweets, but actually it has been not having my coffee or wine. I was drinking a latte a day and cut it back to 2 lattes a week for the agreement. However (long pause and deep breath), I had one today which brought my week up to 3. I won’t have anymore this week, but at this point, I am adjusting my agreement by saying that I will have no more than 3 lattes a week for the duration. It’s more doable for me right now, and feels like an acceptable balance between a daily habit and semi-regular indulgence. The most important thing for me is to break the daily habit and to cut out the refined grains and sugars all together. As for the wine, I was in and out of enjoying less than a glass of red wine in the evenings when I would prepare dinner. This week, I have really felt like having a glass, but I haven’t and I can hold out for the remainder of the 30 days.

What these cravings are telling me is that I really need to find an outlet for creative self expression. I was listening to a youtube video by Alison Ottaway where she was talking about bingeing and how finding a creative outlet can really curb your appetite. It makes perfect sense and is something I was keen to already, but hearing someone else say it helped me to get even more clear. There is a passion inside of me that wants to come out and my desire to eat junk is a replacement for feeling fulfilled….I try and fill up with the sweet flavors and fancy textures bringing a certain level of joy and satisfaction, yet a deeper emptiness remains and that “satisfaction” is as fleeting as the momentary enjoyment of those foods. It doesn’t matter whether it’s raw-vegan desserts or refined desserts when they are being use for the same purpose of keeping the deeper desires and longing stuffed away.

On the other hand eating only whole unrefined foods is excellent for the health of my body and less addictive by far than refined grains and sugars. Plus I love knowing every single food I am eating was a whole ingredient to begin with that was transformed by my own hands (excluding maple syrup, cacao powder and medicine flower flavor essences which I have been using for dessert creations). I’ve been eating a much higher percentage of raw foods – because I love them and if I do not have bread or other quick grabby foods around to choose from, a nice big salad, green juice, or raw cracker with spread hits the spot and leaves me feeling satisfied and nourished.

Feeding my family has been more of a challenge. My hubby does not eat like me, my son will unless he see’s that his Abba (father) is eating something he would prefer 😥 which is quite the dilemma. I try and make nice cooked whole food dishes that everyone will love. Sometimes they’re a hit and sometimes not. The biggest hit this week were some gluten-free, vegetarian no-meat balls that I made from soaked rice, lentils, and oats. They were very good, I had them with a large helping of steamed broccoli and cauliflower mashed potatoes, my hubby had them with pasta, which of course my son wanted and once he had would not touch the other food on his plate (the no-meat balls and all the veggies).

Anyhow, I will keep trying – not even touching the food combining subject yet! I love eating this way, and hopefully my family will come around sometime soon as well.

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