Living Vision Agreement “30 unrefined Days”: Week Four, Day 29

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For just under 30 days 95% of my food consumption has come from whole, unrefined foods. This may not seem like such a stretch to some and yet to others it would be the diametrical opposite to what they know and can fathom. For me it was less of a stretch than I imagined.

Taking the steps to eat this way for a prolonged period made clear that it is possible to live this way, even for a busy and budgeted family, but more importantly has proven to me to be the most grounding and satisfying way to eat. I have room to grow in the area of menu planning, because to do it right one needs time to properly prepare the foods. Meaning, I know a couple or more days in advance what I will be preparing so that I can soak, sprout, slow cook or dehydrate whatever it is that I am planning on serving. (Before becoming a Momma, I mostly ate whole raw foods, but since then everything changed and making my way back has been a slow process.)

All in all, I have done okay and now that I am getting into the habit it will be much easier to continue in this vein even without having a public “Agreement” about it. It is great (for me) to take on these agreements even without “proper” preparation (whatever that may mean). I say this because even though I didn’t plan ahead, being that I had made an agreement meant that I wasn’t going to go for the “easy fix” – ever.  
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In truth I was more prepared than I am giving myself credit for. For instance, I bought nuts, raw buckwheat, seeds etc, soaked, sprouted, dehydrated, put into jars and filled my cupboards. Although I didn’t have specific plans for any of the said items, when I craved something I had ingredients that I felt great about using to fill the craving; Chocolate Energy Bars, Raw Apple Spice Grawnola, I made dressings to have on hand and with those made kale chips, zucchini chips, easy salads, I made fermented veggies. There you have it, I didn’t have menus perse, but I did have what to grab from when I wanted something. Feeding my family is where the menu planning would come in handy. Although I can grab at all those foods and make a super satisfying meal, my husband and son are looking for something a little more substantial.

These agreements are changing me habit by habit. Being rigid about each agreement for the month gives me space to reset unserving habits. Although I am not rigid about not eating after 7pm, I no longer eat after dinner (which for me is HUGE). Now that I have completed my second agreement I already feel that eating mostly whole foods and a high percentage raw will be easy and desired since I committed this time to eating that way. I already know I will not be 100% rigid about all whole all the time, because there will be times I want to go out with my family, or will be at a meal where that is not possible. But eating that way 90% of the time, in my own home feels like a given at this point.


My “Agreements” will continue on as I allow for my “Living Vision” to manifest more and more in alignment with the Integrity of All I Am! I honor these practices and humbly bow my head in the face of the next upcoming agreement. I trust spirit will support me in navigating this brand new territory of eating to 80% full. Stay tuned for the agreement coming on March 19th.

Question for the day:
What is a life practice you have been wanting to take on but have skirted around and around?
Perhaps you will give yourself the gift of 30 days to try that practice on for size. You may find out, once you relax through the discomfort, that you are more powerful than you knew and more content in that new way than you ever imagined!With Love and Support,

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