Kaniwa Tabouli Salad

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It’s tart, juicy, just salty enough (not to mention gluten free) and has all the right textures – Kaniwa Tabouli Salad! There’s not much that is quite as refreshing as a well made tabouli salad on a warm day.

Normally tabouli is made with bulgur wheat, however I like to stay gluten free and nutrient dense. So for this recipe I decided to use an ancient grain like seed that is new to me “Kaniwa”. Kaniwa is a relative of the more popular Quinoa, but it is about half the size and is red in color. It, like Quinoa is high in protein, amino acids and iron. You also cook it in just the same way, normally I do a cup of either Quinoa or Kaniwa to a cup and 3/4 of water with a small pinch of high mineral sea salt. This combination is brought to a boil, covered and brought down to low. In a bout 20 minutes you have a light, fluffy, gluten free grain-like seed.

When I want to add a little oomph to my salad I just throw in either of these and it adds a nice fullness that helps to complete the meal. Another way I like to use these is to toss it with any multitude of veggies and a nice dressing. I LOVE mixing Quinoa or Kaniwa with kale, kimchee, avocado, seaweed, and a creamy tahini dressing…yummmm!

The recipe below is a wonderful light and refreshing meal on its own. If you are looking for a heavier meal it is delicious with a this raw almond hummus.

In the recipe below I am adding links to specific products. Some of you may know that I make recipe videos for Living Tree Community Foods, this recipe will be a video soon. In general I have come to adore this company and stand behind the products they create. In adding these links it is just one suggestion for where you can find these products, and in my experience they are of a high integrity and superior quality (especially the oils, and butters which are NEVER heated above 76 degrees).


serves 4-6

6 Tbs. cooked Kaniwa
1 cup chopped parsley leaves – packed
¼ cup chopped mint leaves – packed
¼ cup diced yellow onion – packed
½ cup cubed cucumber – packed
1 cup cubed tomato – packed
2 Tbs. fresh squeezed lemon juice
6 Tbs. extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil
½ – 3/4 tsp. high mineral sea salt – the link is for a Hawaiin Red Sea Salt that I adore, they have others and in general I recommend using a whole unrefined sea salt. It should have color!

Place all ingredients in a large bowl, mix well and serve. You can store this in your fridge for 3-4 days at most.



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