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Did another 10 days really just come and go? Well there you have it, the constant flux and flow of life – one thing we can always count on, this moment will always pass and become a brand new and ever existent now. A good reason to go for something you never thought would be possible, or thought was too difficult, or held yourself back from for any reason whatsoever. No matter how hard, if you do it now – now will become then, the challenge will be an accomplishment and you can move on to the next inspired action!


For those of you who thought I may have fallen off of the face of the earth or out of integrity with my juice feasting….I haven’t. I’m still here, still in the juices, definitely feeling ready for the enjoyment of solids, but appreciating and feeling very grateful for this juicy journey!

With such an extended period of juicing, I had to get into the mode of “this is life, life is juice and solid food is not an option”, otherwise it would have been too torture some for me. So, what happened after a while – through all the hills and valleys of life outside of juice feasting, is that I would forget about the fact that I was cleansing………..to a certain degree. I would be outside of the consciousness of life transformation………..also to a certain degree. Of course I was conscious and am conscious of the heroic and life changing journey I’ve been on – just not always so conscious of the changes that have been occurring. Now that I only have a few days left a number of things are becoming clear about the impact and nature of such and extreme length of cleansing whether a person is aware of whats happening or not.


Firstly, I think you do reach a place of no return. With a one month cleanse a person may lose weight, reverse certain issues they were having when they began and experience a new level of well being, however in my experience it is quite easy at that point to revert to old habits, gain most of the excess weight lost and really spring back to a similar level they were at in the beginning, never the less there is a great benefit that comes from any cleanse be it 3 days or 3 months. As far as what I’ve been noticing in myself – For one, a sense of a major personality shift, energy shift. I feel a greater degree of confidence in who I am, a greater vitality and strength in the pursuit of my dreams and goals. I feel a solidification of health as a way of life and not just a momentary experience or process for a period of time. One of my goals has been to be a pillar of health and wellness, to be what I promote, to live that lifestyle rather than constantly longing to be somewhere, someone I am not. Striving for better is necessary for growth but for so much of my life I have been unhappy with my body, my habits, my self talk, my lifestyle as if I was stuck there and was overpowered by habit. After dedicating a quarter of a year to cleansing, reprogramming, instilling positive daily habits, I not only feel a great shift in my natural routine but my body has had the chance to release old patterns and mindsets that allowed habits to rule my essential self rather than my essential self ruling my daily actions, (more on that as I progress into the world of solid foods). Now that I have seen through moment to moment struggles and acted upon a higher will for an extended period of time, I see that I can live life in accordance with the “higher vision”, I can be the “living vision” we can all be “Living Vision”.


All the lessons that I have discussed about being okay with being uncomfortable for a time, have proven to lead me to be comfortable in the things that I truly want to be comfortable in. If and when another challenge arises in life – on any level – I now know that it is okay to be uncomfortable , it will pass and we will instill the practice that is desired and is ultimately being summoned on a higher level. To take something, anything for such an extended period and see it through instills the knowing that I can do whatever I set my mind to. One day at a time, trusting and releasing, whether it is a physical, mental, or emotional challenge, a life goal, business pursuit, whatever it may be – I know one day at a time, holding the vision, calling on the allies, breathing and taking the moments necessary – anything and all things are possible. Not only possible, but calling for the vessel to be received and expressed through. All the good habits, miraculous experiences, expressions of excellence, manifestations of brilliance are calling and awaiting our preparation of the vessels as a channel for their reception and manifestation. All is here and now, a 3 month juice feast truly opens a gate of this expressed possibility.


As the days count down, I am feeling very excited about chewing food again. Salads are what I crave most, juicy greens, lemon vinaigrettes, avocado, sea vegetables…ahhhh the beauty of living foods. I must admit that cooked food, sweet food, even non-vegan foods sounds and looks really good, however when I check in with what body truly desires – craves for and longs for as support, it’s living food. The cooked food looks good, but doesn’t sound good if you know what I mean. The fact that my cravings are aligning with my bodies true nutritional needs is saying a lot as well. Before the juice feast, I would have cravings and feel over powered by them, like I really wanted that thing, via juice feasting and overcoming the craving for solid food in general, overcoming the craving in general, I’ve become so much more sensitive to the difference between craving, hunger, habit, boredom, and my bodies true innate wisdom about what it needs for an optimal state of existence, I am so very thankful.



I began this post on day 86, then continued with writing on day 88….and guess what……it’s now….day……..93 Ahhhhhh. I am so sorry that I haven’t been more on top of my blogging game, however I will be preparing a separate post describing my whole break-feasting process, intentions that I am holding to bring with me through this transition back into the solid state of existence (which will be a much more fluid experience with the new instilled habits that juice feasting penetrated into my nature), goals of further refining my health, inspirations and visions for my works and direction in life and the world. I will end this post and move on to preparing a special break-feasting post. I welcome your questions, comments, & inspirations.


I experience you as a gift and a blessing. Whether I know you personally or just as a spiritual partner in this experiment of creation, your reflection inspires me to be “Living Vision”. My humble thanks and respect for all that you do knowingly and unknowingly which is propelling this reality into it’s state of revealed Divinity and Light. Every breath you take, every challenge you process through, every step you take to fulfill your innate divine nature, every time you choose to express life through integrity, every smile you give, every smile you are able to receive, you create a life that feeds and directs all life to fulfill it’s most awesome and wondrous purpose, HalleluYah!

Blessed Love, Light & Beauty. Shalom, Shalom, from that silent place of One, Chaya



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    Yes., positive attitude is definitely a must for a successful future. It all depends on the mindset how we see the things around us and find the opportunities from the available resources. Miracles happen only with the right mindset.

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