Juice Feast Days 62-77 “Sweet Grass, Smoky Sunset, Triumphant Trails”

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Every day came and went, I wanted to talk to you about my journey back to Eugene, I wanted to tell you about how it was to cater an event for 75 while living on juices, I wanted to tell you about the motorcycle ride my father took me on where we saw a wild turkey, smelled sweet grass in the air, felt the cold breeze embracing my body while watching the sunset surrounded by a ring of bright white light. I wanted to tell you about Shabbat with my nephew and Mother’s day on the Oregon coast, wild animals, butterfly photo’s, my sisters beautiful re-invented clothing and my Mothers incredible art. I wanted to talk to you about heading back to the bay, my hunger pains and starting work the next day. Well, I guess that was a brief description and there may be hints here and there in this entry, but basically, I wanted to and have so much I would love to share. One thing I can say is that for the last two days I have been waking up at 5:30 am which was my goal when I began the Juice Feast. Who knew it would happen like this. I guess if you ask you shall receive. Well I asked and now my job in San Rafael starts at 6:30 in the morning so I am forced to wake up at 5:30, but perhaps it will become habit and not so forced after all. Perfection!


Almost two weeks flown by, unbelievable! From California to Eugene, to Portland and back to California again. A power packed, emotional ride where juice feasting wasn’t the easiest thing in the world for me and at times felt much more like a fast than a feast. I did survive and am still on the juicey journey feeling better and looking forward to the prunes of day 92. Quite a change from feeling the nostalgia of the feast ending soon.

My body has been going through a lot of detox the last month, I’ve been dealing with some issues that have been stubborn in their resolve which has made this last month much more difficult than any other time in the juice feast. I am under the impression that many juice feasters are having a smooth ride at this point, for me between catering a 75 person dinner,preparing food on a daily for others, traveling and dealing with this strange release of toxic debris – smooth is not the word I would use. I have greatly appreciated the words of encouragement from family and friends, without them I may have broken by this time. All I know is that these experiences are giving me great tools for consulting future juice feasters and being a voice of experience within a rainbow of possible experiences while juice feasting.

Due to the issues that came up in my body I stopped all fruit juices or sugars last Friday. It’s all greens now, a few reds (tomatoes), a few oranges (carrots w/tops & I may try yam – super high mineral content) but other than that nada. It really seems to be right, although I deeply crave sugars and feel much hungrier when just drinking green juices, I can tell it’s what my body needs and will starve any bacteria that has been finding life from the fruits and honey.


The one thing that was really helping me when I would be with other people for a meal was my fruit juice. It felt special, satisfying and filling. Now that I don’t have the fruit juices I started feeling deprived or a great increase in the struggle of being with friends and family when they eat which for me is a huge part of my life. I am a chef, I love to cook for people, talk about the health producing qualities of the food they eat, I work with food on a daily basis. So, what I decided to try out was making myself a juicy soup, and guess what??? It worked like a charm, I poured it into a bowl, pulled out a spoon and sat with ease enjoying the meals. For Mother’s day I went with my Mother, Sister Nephew and Step Father to a lovely beach on the Oregon coast where we did some treasure hunting and then went to a cute little diner for lunch. I pulled out my spicy carrot soup, poured it in a cup and had a delightful lunch with the family.

The soup was made from:

Carrots w/tops, Cucumber, Celery, Garlic, Cayenne, Ginger, Basil Cilantro, Mint, Hemp Oil and Himalayan Sea Salt. All blended and strained of course, but the flavor was that of a delicious and creamy soup. I wouldn’t reccomend this especially in the first couple months of the feast because it feels more like food, but if your’e in a place where it’s feeling very difficult to keep juicing and fruit isn’t a possibility, this just may save your butt. I’ve been doing 1-2 Quarts of juicy/soup a day. Yesterday it was all green juice and that was fine, I was on the road, not around others eating, but tonight I may have to make a nice soupy concoction. Plus it’s a great way to get in tons of garlic and cayenne if you need those elements – which I do. I truly feel like this is my saving grace right now and it is the one way I can stay off of sugars and complete the entire 92 days which I feel is what my body mind and spirit really need.


More than ever what my body is hungry for is exercise. I have now lost over 30 lbs., but I am not yet experiencing my full strength – nor do I feel I will come to homeostasis until I begin a regular aerobic regime of some sort or another. My body is starving for strength, muscle, circulation. Now, it’s just about finding the time to incorprate that as a daily life habit. Juice Feasting is really just the beginning – practices that if established as a lifestyle can definietly uphold a high standard of health, wellness and knowledge. It’s up to us to solidify them, build upon them, and take the initiative to live a new life rather than just have a three month or 92 day experience (which in itself could add years to a persons life!).

I did start up my Flamenco class, WOW! Soon I will begin Persian as well. I love it so much, dancing is something so Holy if allowed to be. A vehicle for divine expression. I guess anything could be if the intention and wisdom is there, I am drawn towards dance and have always been so this is a great progression for me. My body just sais thank you, thank you. As if it’s taking anice deep breath that it hasn’t taken in so long. Ahh, how it will feel to be on stage again. Yes, I (at this point) would love to get to the place where I am performing again. There is nothing like openning to the sacred unity through love and allowing it to flow through you in any emotion/expression that may rise up with the vwhicle of music guiding you. Your audience gets to ride with you and perhaps experience there own hidden emotions that are conjoured by that same wind you are riding.

What else? I made a raw wedding cake today :0) The first I’ve ever made, and it turned out beautifully. I did take a picture and will see if I can upload it to share. It was a strawberry/almond cake inside with a cashew free frosting on top. Other than that, only everything is new, new job, new home, new town (all places I’ve experienced before, but I am different now and so the experience of them is all brand new as well), just a couple days back and jumping right into things. I look forward to settling, and sadly but truly I look forward to not juicing because it will make life and family/friend reunions much simpler right now. I will make juices regularly and eat tons of greens, but I will also have the luxury of going to work without making juices and having a big salad for lunch…I do look forward to that:0))

Raw Wedding Cake:


Raw Orange Hazelnut Cake w/ Chocolate Frosting:


Tonight marks 2 weeks until “prune day”. It will be Shabbat at sundown and I have made a lovely tomatoe, cucumber, carrot, celery juicy soup to enjoy for dinner. The rest of Shabbat will be green juices….maybe something else I do have to go to the market for water so perhaps something special will pop it’s head out at me and say “juice me, juice me”! We’ll see, but his is my second to last juicy Shabbat, I guess I should enjoy it while it lasts, becaus ebefore you know it I will be back in the main stream of things, and although it’s been a bumpy road – in the scheme of life 92 days is a short ride.

I will do my best to make more regular entries, thank you all for your mental, emotional support and encouragement. Shabbat Shalom, Chaya


(this post is being put up a few days after its writing, I will fill you in on more in the next couple of days. All love, Chaya)


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  1. Phyllis

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I deeply appreciate that, Chaya. And thank you for being MY inspiration for juicefeasting – I am now on day 22.

    How wonderful that you have been able to stay your course in such turbulent (at times) waters!

    love to you, Phyllis

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