Juice Feast Days 57-61

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Ahhhh, the time, the time, where has it gone. Well, it’s all an illusion anyhow. It’s day 61 (completing) as I write this and I am experiencing a bit of disbelief that it is already day 61. Although food looks so, so good – especially now that I am raw pastry cheffing for Cafe Gratitude and actually it’s not the desserts that really get me salivating – it’s the big salads and seaweed, oh boy does that seaweed look outrageously good – that was a tangent, as I was saying although the food looks and sounds really good, I don’t feel ready for it yet. If I were to be eating now, I know I would feel a longing for the juice feast. That could have many reasons behind it, one is that I know there is still more cleaning house to be done, more rebuilding to establish and more healthy patterns to set in place in order that I feel ready just to live my normal existence from a place of optimal health. No matter what, now and after I complete the 92 days, the process will continue – reading books, watching videos, continuing to exercise, skin brushing, taking my supplements and making the most excellent choices with food on a daily basis. When I think about it like that, my entire life is a continual process of developing the best habits ever, and in that way the juice feast will live on not to mention I can always come back to actual juice feasting whenever I feel it’s time to press the reboot button. Listen to me getting all nostalgic already….ha..ha. One day it’s nostalgia the next it’s drooling over my friends food :0)

Juice feasting truly is the hero’s journey, and two of my biggest hero’s right now are David and Katrina Rainoshek. What beautiful and brilliant beams of light and wisdom. If you haven’t been there already please check out www.juicefeasting.com, and if by chance you are thinking about juice feasting or if you already are but haven’t purchased a subscription to the full website, you must! It is full of downloadable articles, pertinent information from amazing sources, personal testimonials, many of the days have videos of Katrina and David giving a lesson for about 30-45 minutes and they are very insightful, knowledge filled and engaging. I love those two so much, and completely admire their passion, perseverance, focus and productivity. I absolutely would like to take on those qualities and feel blessed to witness those attributes as reflections of my own potential! I guess I started this paragraph by talking about the hero’s journey and that came up because since I’ve moved back to Bezerkeley people are hearing about my juice feast the reaction is awed, shocked, and mystified. Their reaction is really like I’m doing something heroic, which I didn’t really get before. I mean of course, it’s not the easiest, breeziest thing in the world to do, but for the people that hear about it it is so inspiring, as it was for me. That is heroic, to make the changes within yourself, take those leaps, make those bounds, doing rather than just dreaming about doing and to the extent that it inspires others to make there own leaps and bounds. There have been so many people who have heard about what I, we (juice feaster’s unite!) are doing that have now taken it upon themselves to either begin their own juice feast, start adding juices or healthier food into their daily routine, or just do what they have until now, just been dreaming of.


One realization about why I am doing this, why now, has come to me recently – thanks mainly to all the people that have been asking what in the world inspired me to do such a thing and why now? As I mentioned it’s time to move beyond the dreams and move into this manifested reality. Since I was in the 4th grade I have been dreaming about being something other than just what I was. At first it was about how I looked, my body image, style, hair etc. Then how I danced, then my attitude – mainly the theme that took me to present was about my body image and in the past 10 years the clarity of being in an ultimate state of health, well being and brilliance. It was always a some day type of thing though – someday I will be healthy, I will live my dream, my purpose, someday…. I guess it’s time for some day to be today, and this juice feast was all about taking a dream and bringing it into reality. I am ready to be healthy, to be my brilliance, to be rather than to dream of being. 92 days, well I am glad it’s not less, because I really feel I need the time to get into the habit of being rather than just dreaming of it. So juice feasting is my prototype to life I guess you could say. That may sound odd, but what I mean is that although the focus here is on cleaning, rebuilding, rebooting, alkalizing the physical structure – it actually gives a frame of reference for taking the initiative to make anything happen in life whether it’s taking a dance class, writing a book, building a hugely successful business, moving beyond the belief of limitation in anyway, experiencing and serving the Untiy and Unifying reality of All that IS. There is an expansiveness that I feel and it whispers to me…..possibilities….there is every possibility. Yes, a Hero’s Journey indeed, of the one who is ready to say “NOW, now is the time, and there is no time other than NOW”. Whatever may come along along with this present moment I am ready to acknowledge, face and release Every agreement I have made, I am ready to fulfill, the essence and truth of me I am ready to fully embrace!


Miracles are a constant, one just must open their eyes. Perhaps however that is a gift and a privilege…who knows, each will have their own idea and thought. If it is a privilege so much more of a reason to open our eyes take the plunge, be in the realm of miracles. Perhaps if each of us take hold of what we are “privileged” to take hold of, embrace, be conscious of, then perhaps our counterpart on the other end of the spectrum or the whole for that matter will reach a higher/greater level of freedom or consciousness as well. This reminds me of a poem I wrote that goes out on all my out going emails as a signature. I will attach it here:


Each polar – a reflection of self.
Love is –
Beyond time and circumstance.
Love whispers – the memory – of ultimate unity.
Look in –
Inhale love – exhale peace.
Bathe in love – exhale completion.
Evanesce in love – here is the essence of creation,

Higher-Living, Living-Vision,


Wow this became quite a long post. I guess that’s what happens when I only write once a week. For now that’s what I can do, I hope some of you have gotten this far, I really enjoy sharing my experience with you all and hearing your feedback!

You may be wondering what I am drinking these days, well here’s a brief outline:

Veggie Juices:

Collard Greens, Lemon, Celery, Cucumber, Kale, Carrots

(usually I just to three or four at a time. Simple is much tastier and more agreeable with my body these days)


Fruit Juice:

Watermelon, Lemon/Ginger w/ Honey or Agave, Orange

(Also on this one it’s just one of the three choices, I don’t mix things up too much these days)


MSM, Vitamin ‘C’, Zeolites, Sun is Shining, Probiotics, Hemp Oil, E-3 Live, Enzymes, Garlic, Cayenne


Detox Tools:

Enema, Skin Brushing


How I’ve been feeling:

Generally, this past week, I’ve been feeling really good. I could be drinking more juice and doing more skin brushing/exercise stuff. I know that will stabilize as my life and living situation does. My bowls have also needed some help eliminating, which is where my trusting enema kit has been serving it’s purpose. I am certain that all has to do with travel, not having my home yet, running around etc. so it isn’t concerning me. Overall I am feeling pretty blessed, radiant, and happy. I am driving back to Eugene next Sunday to cater an event out there, visit family and pick up my things??? We’ll see, that depends on whether or not I know where I will be coming back to upon my return.


Overall I am feeling so blessed, loved, supported and divinely guided. I send a blessing to all that you are freed from any limiting beliefs and plunge into your own world of brilliance and flow. May you all be blessed with a radiant sense of complete nourishment, sustainance, love, abundance, clarity of purpose, perseverance and tenacity.


All Love, Blessings, and Brilliance, Chaya




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  1. Phil

    You are so amazing. I am inspired by you and what you share each time you post. Wow!

  2. Maryyx

    Hi Chaya
    I’ve had your link on my blog since the middle of March – as it was on David and Katrina’s site as a juice feaster.

    I’m finally getting around to visiting all the blogs. It is amazing all of the positive energy on every single JF blog I have visited!

    And yes – I did make it to the end of your long post – and feel encouraged to begin my own JF day.


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