Juice Feast Days 53-56

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Wow, what a week! I’ve been up down and all around, I wasn’t feeling too good for a few days and had to dose myself with herbs and massive amounts of vitamin ‘C’. Thank goodness I am feeling so much better now. I tell you, once you go down you really appreciate and experience what it is to truly feel up. That is likely the reason why in many different traditions those on a “journey” must go down somewhere, before they can come up to expand further on the “path”. The Torah relates this in many ways going down to Egypt and coming up to Israel, just as now we are moving through the final days of passover which is one of the journey we are taken through having gone down to Egypt and been redeemed to the Holy Land. Only after reaching the darkest place can we rise up to the purest light.  This past week has been quite a journey and it seems the light is shining through.


Juicing throughout this process, moving, traveling, getting a little ill, moving again, starting work…..on and on…not the easiest scenario ever, but it has worked. I am persevering and feeling more and more back in the pocket, in the flow of things….Ahh the flow, the FLOW, the juicy flow. Yes! It’s goin’ – rocky, gettin’ smoother and feeling really, really good. My energy the past day and a half has been sky high. I have finally been getting up at 6:30…well, that’s so that I can be at work on time, but who knows perhaps my original goal of 5:30 is still on it’s way. There are certain areas of juice feasting I would like to be a little more solid in. One is staying in all the juice, I’ve still been about 3-3.5 Quarts a day, I will be at 4 a day soon. Also, exercise, I need and want more of it still, regularity with my liver cleansing…yes a few more things. What feels great is that today is only day 56 which means I still have 45 days to get all the details in balance. It feels more and more like the 92 day time period is perfect for my body process. My body has been through so much for so long and I’ve been in so many  habitual cycles that I feel this is enough time for me to actually process and break through all the layers which is what I am so ready to do. It’s time to live my brilliance and not just talk about how I want to.

Juicy Rundown in Brief:


Collard Greens, Lemons, Celery, Cucumber, Romaine, Carrots


Watermelon (Keepin’ it Mellow)





Vitamin ‘C’



E-3 Live

My Detox tools have definitely fallen off track this week, but they are coming back quickly. I really miss my skin brushing and am feeling inspired to do a coffee enema as well as a gall bladder flush…Olive Oil yummmmm…we’ll see, and I will let you know :0)


Shabbat is quickly finding it’s way in and there are still things I must do to prepare. But, this is my brief update for any of you who were wondering if I fell off the edge….No, I’m still here, the journey continues, the beat goes on, I’m going strong! This is the last of the Passover holy days weekend, so I won’t be writing again until Monday.

 My Love and Blessings to you all, Shabbat Shalom, Chaya




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