Juice Feast Days 49-52

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I have left Egypt and am now entering the Holy Land! Pesach, a weekend of deep thought, sharing, learning and this may come as a shock to some of you….eating Matzah! I do not consider this a breaking of the juice feast, should I rewind? Some of you may be asking what is “Matzah”? Matzah is a cracker like bread that is made specifically for the holiday of passover. We are told for this season to remember the redemption from Egypt and to partake in the matzah like our ancestors did. There is an idea or teaching that every day carries with it a very specific energy. When certain events happened in the past we recognize that the same energy is present on the actual anniversary of that event – for instance the Exodus from Egypt, therefore there is an opportunity at that time to utilize the same energy for our present situation. Pesach is about being freed from slavery of every and any form, eating the Matzah is more of a spiritual act than physical although it is completely physical in how we ingest it. Matzah is the bread of freedom and when we partake of the commandment to eat the Matzah we meditate on being freed from our own personal, national and universal bondage. Odd as it may seem much of our highest spiritual works have to do with physical things, bringing a completely divine will into physical manifestation and we are the conduit.

So, I ate Matzah. It was a beautiful experience for me, I’m glad I did it my body is not screaming at me like one may think it would. However I should say that I downed massive amounts of enzymes before and after eating it just to help things through. Otherwise juices as normal, today I’ve chosen to have my green juice plain, meaning no apple, pear etc. My body just wanted the greens and it tastes better. No carrots either, I’m getting really simple here and it feels so right.

My routine doesn’t feel quite back on track yet (since coming back to California). Juicing has thus far been happening later in the day, exercise hasn’t been regular nor has skin brushing. I trust this will all smooth out in the next couple of days. As my life routine becomes more fluid, so will everything else fall into place. I’m just taking it easy on me for now. Loving, living and trusting.

The Simple Juice:

Kale, Lemon, Celery, Cucumber, Romaine

The Sweet Juice:


The Supplements:




Sun is Shining



Chanca Piedra

Bee Pollen

I don’t have much to update on right now, other than I am feeling a little tired. The Passover seders went ’till about 4 in the morning and I haven’t quite caught up on my sleep yet. Well worth it for the group acknowledgement of our freedom!

Sending you all my love, light and blessings, Chaya


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