Juice Feast Days 45-48 “Traveling”

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Juicy journeys,

Vivid awareness of the humble souls yearning,

A turning and burning of all no longer serving,

To ashes and dust,

Now light transforms lust to trust, trust, trust…..

Traveling through time, space, and mind,

The sign of the time is according to your mind,

your eye, your light, your Divine insight,

See all things coincide,

Like a river opens wide,

To embrace her wholeness,

An ocean of unity, of simplicity – bliss.

Fluidity imbues every level of beingness,

When  one chooses to live a juicy existence…..

As this vessel becomes clear,

All orifices shed fear,

Releasing ancient mire of body, mind & emotions spire,

An offering is received by the Holy Fire,

With an open heart,

With the breath of life,

Revealed are the mysteries through ever present insight.

Life doesn’t change but we do, and as we shift, our perception of the surrounding reality also begins to shift. My thought is that that is how the fluidity is revealed. As the juice flows through us, life flows around us, our bodies begin to move with more fluid steps and our emotions move through life stages more gracefully, like liquid flowing over smooth or seeping through jagged rocks. When your in the flow adapting to a new surrounding comes with much more ease, grace and acceptance.

 I began the journey down to California on Tuesday, the 46th day of juice feasting. Anyone know what that means? 46 is the half way point, imagine that. It can be very helpful at certain stages to remember that this moment will pass. One day we are thinking about possibly doing a juice feast, the next day it’s day 48, the next day it’s day 92 and before you know it your on to other adventures. We just keep growing, flowing and moving right on through. It’s okay to be uncomfortable for a little while, trust, release and know that if you do the work this challenge will pass and you will see it as a great accomplishment allowing you the mental, emotional and physical freedom that is inevitably on it’s way. Societies way these days, in general seems to be to hide from any sort of pain – mask it, bandage it, but don’t look too deep. Everyone wants everything so easy, yet what is chosen is a much longer, harder and ultimately more confusing road. All in all, we are all in the perfect place at the perfect time doing exactly what we are meant to do here and now. I see the spiral of life, and as one challenge arrives if we don’t deal with it it will reveal itself in another way. There’s no running from it and when a challenge is faced and overcome it truly becomes our strength and blessing. I guess my point in saying these things is to be a voice to any of you who may be inspired to take an adventure, but may be scared. The adventure could be into a hidden emotion, into a goal that seems unachievable right now, into any life change major or minor that seems to difficult to deal with. One step is all it takes, one step. Once that step has been taken then you can think about the next, but the first step is the most important, just trust and don’t worry about the discomfort, it’s okay, it will pass, and you will feel better than ever! All things at their right and perfect time.

The journey to California was beautiful. When I left Eugene it was dark rainy and ccccold..(shiver, shiver). As I got to about Ashland the sky was clearing and there were snow capped mountains ahead. The Siskiyous were gorgeous, tall pines covered with snow and a bright blue sky over head. It was a couple degrees above freezing up there and by the time I got to Shasta it was heading up into the 50’s. Shasta was phenomenal, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it so clear and majestic looking. I felt extra blessed because there was a Shasta cloud resting right over the peak (the picture above is not my own but I will share what I saw when I can upload those photo’s).  That’s how I’ve always seen it in pictures, but this was the first time I saw it with my own eyes. Some believe these white capping clouds to be of extra terrestrial origin…..I don’t know, but it is odd how just that one cloud sat there gripping the peak. If nothing else there was some sort of magnetic, elemental pull happening, I mean I could feel it. Very powerful, and I don’t think that’s just the juice talking.

A lot of feelings came up while on the road, fear, nervousness, excitement and calm. As I spoke in the last post, peace, shalom, trust is where I find my center and grounding cord. I like the quiet life in Eugene, I love all the green, I love how nice people are and I hope to carry that energy with me wherever I go. Driving from rich green, dark and wet skies to golden hills, oak trees and sunny skies was nostalgic and sweet. I grew up with those golden hills and the sun beaming on my skin was like receiving a passionate letter from a long lost lover that melted my heart and filled me with warmth.

It has now been two days in the Bay and I’m doing a-okay (had to throw a little rhyme in there for your listening pleasure). Juice Feasting is easier than I expected so far. I mean in regards to being around friends who are eating out and enjoying yummy smelling stuff in front of me. It looks great and I remember I will eat again. The more challenging thing for the past couple days is sticking to my schedule of skin brushing, enema’s, exercise. I’m giving myself a bit of a break especially since it’s only been two days. I did do my skin brushing, and some exercise today which felt so, so nice. Writing and reading regularly has also been more challenging, but it is very important to me and as I stated earlier challenges become our strengths, so if I can do this now, it will only bring me to a greater level of discipline when I am settled in my own home again.

Juicy Rundown:

To make life easier on myself I am throwing all the veggies together into one juice, and it consists of:

Kale, Celery, Cucumber, Romaine, Lemon, Carrots w/tops, Pear

Fruit juice:

Tangelo, Lemon, Orange (my all time favorite)






Sun is Shinning

Bee Pollen

Coconut Oil

Hemp Oil

I still haven’t started with the Chanca Piedra again, that will start when I am more settled, I want to be consistent about it when I start to really do the liver detox. As far as my weight goes, last weigh in I was at 140 lbs. Which is remarkable for me. The last time I weighed this little I was probably in 4th or 5th grade. Never as a teenager or as an adult, so it’s pretty huge. Now I don’t have a scale so the next weigh in will be when I go back to Eugene in three weeks. At this point exercise is the most important thing for me to be doing. My body is ready for some serious toning internally and externally. It makes sense now that we’re over half way I believe most of the deep cleaning out has been done and we are getting into a time of rebuilding.

My focus now is to continue to release anything that I am holding on to that is no longer serving the highest good and even more so on drawing in that which is in service of the highest good and in line with my purpose and truth. On the physical plane to expel anything that is no longer serving the vitality of this body vehicle and to deeply absorb all that will build and fuel a body of the radiant possibility that we are all made to be. Through breath, through sunlight, through laughter, through prayer, through creative expression, through disciplined exercise, through juice, through supplements, through the Will of that which sustains all of creation!

This weekend is the Passover. Saturday is Shabbat and Sunday is the first day of Pesach or Passover so I won’t be writing again until Monday. Until then a blessings of freedom from all bondage for the sake of all creation.

May it be the Will of the Essence and Truth of all that is;

May each person be released from there own personal prison,

mind, body, soul, emotion.

May our eyes be open to see the glory of the unified truth that is,

may our ears be open to hear the voice and wisdom of all that is speaking clearly through every sound, statement, song and vibration,

May our hearts be open to receive and embody this wisdom through our every emotion,

May our bodies express ultimate unity with every action, Amen.

Blessed Journey’s, Chaya


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