Juice Feast Days 42, 43 & 44

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Thank you, Thank you for the Vitamin ‘D’….I don’t know about wherever you are, but I’ve been writing from Eugene Oregon who’s weather has been cold, dark and wet….did I mention cold…and dark? This was a glorious light filled Shabbat unlike any I ever remember experiencing. As I sat drinking my yellow watermelon juice with the sun beaming on my skin, I could hear the sound of my blood, lymph, tissue, energy, everything singing in thanks for the long awaited penetrating warmth and uplifting solar beams of light!

These last two days I have felt showered with love and appreciation. As I mentioned last post Thursday night was my last catered meal in Eugene for a while. Ever since letting everyone know of my probable choice to head back to California, I have been getting nothing but praise for what I have started out there, mainly the food that I offer and wishes that I could stay in the area to continue the trend of delectable living foods available conveniently and regularly. This is doing more good than those people may know. On one hand I feel more and more in harmony with an awesome service and art, and I also feel the fuel of all that love propelling me further towards massive growth in order that I can be of service to more people in a wider area. It is such a joy to create something that feeds the greatest health while supplying taste bud tantalizing body fuel and soul fulfilling food whether whether a person is raw or hasn’t heard of the concept before.

Kale Plate

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – well I don’t know if I’ve actually said this, but juice feasting while preparing food is making me a better chef than ever! Why, you may be asking? Because I have to trust my instincts, and as the saying goes practice makes perfect. I continue to ask that in every part of my conscious and unconscious life I stay in tuned with perfection through my instincts. That may sound outrageous, but think about it – all things are one, separation is not possible. The idea that we need to taste, see, touch, hear, learn, etc. in order to truly know is a learned concept. It’s also a truth depending on where we are coming from, but there is another idea that everything is already known – however, we have practiced receiving our information through these other means for so long that the innate knowing seems very, very far from our “reality”. There is no time like the present, one just needs to start practicing and it will all come back. For me it’s really been via this juice feast that I have even been able to acknowledge the innate knowing, wisdom, instinct that is available at any given moment. Perhaps it would have come through in another way if I weren’t a chef, but due to the fact that cheffing is how I earn a living, I’ve been more or less forced into the utilization of that silent knowing during this transformational period.


On a similar theme but slightly different, while speaking with a friend and on another occasion taking a walk and basking in a breezy warm spring evening I had the pleasure of experiencing the presence one expresses, expressing itself back to me through all the elements surrounding. For instance exuding peace and love allows one to be penetrated by the peace and love of all things. I guess peace just is, love just is, all emotions, feelings, are universal, therefore when you tap into one, you tap into that vibration within all things and may become a conscious conduit not only expressing, but experiencing the reception of that specific energy. The idea that all things become your allies when you walk in peace with a pure heart runs along that same line. Because you tap into the purity within, you tap into the purity of all things and a veil is lifted allowing the pure unity to support and guide you. Have you had one of those moments when you’re taking a walk and it seems the trees speak to you, the birds acknowledge you, the wind caringly caresses you and the breath of life dances with every molecule of your being? Well, thats a snipit of what I’m talking about.


All in all it has been a really relaxing weekend of family, sunshine, and laughter. I spent a lot of time playing with my nephew, kick ball, teaching him how to ride his bike, and teaching him how great food choices promote great emotions and more joy. He’s just going on 6, actually day 92 of the juice feast is on his 6th birthday. I was telling him how excited I was to come and be with him for his birthday and that I would be able to eat prunes…yay! Not to exciting to him, but he’s getting the idea of the healthy choices thing and at such a young age even if he doesn’t enjoy the food yet he gets it. He is gaining the mental armor for self preservation when he’s old enough to make his own choices. I asked him, “is your auntie happy or sad usually?” he said, “always happy”, I said, “does your auntie eat healthy food or not healthy food?”, he said ” not healthy”, he was being a joker of course as I’m always teaching the family about better food choices, menu planning and raw food prep lessons when I visit. I let him know that when he gets so angry that he can’t control his emotions it has a lot to do with the foods he eats and if he wants to be in more control of himself, making healthier food choices is the way to go. He’s getting it, and he is now on zeolites also. I love seeing my family get healthier and happier, there is no greater joy!

After a weekend with the family, talking about food, preparing food and juice, I can say it is getting easier. I sat with them for meals drank my juice and watched them eat. Not the easiest scenario ever but much easier than a few weeks ago. On that note how is my juicing going? It’s going great! When I head down to California I will be bringing my Vitamix and a juice bag, the green star is too much to travel with when I am not yet sure where I will be staying. So that will be a new element to get used too, but many, many other juice feaster’s out there use that technique and are very happy with it, I’m sure I will be as well. My energy has been great, and the juices are tasting just fine. My favorite this week was the yellow Watermelon, mmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, that was good. Green juices are green juices, I will gain my excitement about them once again after the juice feast for now I am grateful for all the greens, and all the blessings, that flow through them granting this physical healing and room for spiritual emotional unfoldment and clarity.

~Juicy Run Down~

Still keepin’ it simple with a couple of the old favorites:

Juice #1: Kale, Celery, Cucumber, Pear/Apple, Lemon

Juice #2: Carrot w/tops, Romaine, Spinach, Ginger, Parsley,

Juice #3: Tangelo, Orange, Lemon (a childhood favorite from Bubbies tree’s)

Special Addition: Yellow Watermelon





Sun is Shining


Bee Pollin

Hemp Oil

Coconut Oil

~Detox Tools~

Skin Brushing (my very favorite)

Enema’s (not as often)

Exercise (still need more)

Deep Breathing


Now I am off to prepare for the move down to California. My emotions are ranging from excited to nervous to sad, to thrilled to peaceful. I think that peaceful is the way to go. Throughout all the emotions coming back to peace, trust, brings that sense of balance – wholeness. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but the word for peace in Hebrew “Shalom” is derived from the word “Shaleim or Shaleima” meaning complete or whole. I love that because when a person is at true peace there is a wholeness or completeness to their being, even if just for that moment. So when I think of peace I think of wholeness, completion and that brings me to the word trust, in trust, trusting the perfection of each moment we are in wholeness in peace, and in the flow of the all knowing. May we all have the insight with each given moment, with each given or experienced emotion to come back to trust, to wholeness to peace.

Blessed Love, Blessed Journey, Blessed Peace, Shalom, Shalom to All, Chaya



  1. Gregg

    Whole = Your True Self. Something, that no formailzed religion has ever brought Truthfully into ‘mere man’s’ existence. Have a Great California Day!

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