Juice Feast Days 39-41 “Decisions and Changes”

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Spring is blossoming and the breezes of change are strong in the air. We know everything happens perfectly as it should and I acknowledge all my blessings in every moment of life and change. Juice Feasting is one of the greatest gifts and blessings that I have been introduced to, although I don’t really want to keep a score board of what is the greatest or least greatest of the blessings because it doesn’t seem correct. Who’s to measure a blessing, who knows what is propelling us forward to the greatest degree and ultimately it is a co-operation of all the parts, therefore all of life is a continual blessing. However I feel extremely grateful for all things and specific things, right now the juice feast is receiving my thanks. It hasn’t been easy, and I’m not half way through yet (soon) but I feel phenomenal. When you push yourself to such an extreme, you open the doors to breaking through many barriers. It has to be the right time, but when you are ready for the journey the journey presents itself and provides an instinctual road map. Isn’t it interesting how when we make one healthy choice, the healthier choices become brighter and more brilliant, the less healthy choices become darker, dimmer and less interesting.

I find myself breathing deeper and deeper every day. In any and every situation a deep breath always seems to fit. I used to smoke cigarettes, and it was because I was always looking for something to take me somewhere other than where I was. What I notice now is that in a situation that feels like pressure or discord a deep, full and complete breath will take me away from the chaos to a place of calmness, balance and centered focus. What a blessed thing these bodies are, made to such complete perfection that for any situation they have the innate wisdom necessary for the counter balance. Stepping out of the “box” that has been placed upon us by another part of us, in order for the recognition of the ultimate unity of all things is truly revolutionary. Did that make sense to any of you? In other words, taking the time out of the “normal” mode of things and doing something like juice feasting, really gives a person the opportunity to experience the divine perfection of life through their own being, and life experience. I come back to it again and again, breaking out of the self imposed bondage that everyone is caught in at some point. I love how these types of thoughts and feelings come in sync with the Hebrew calender. I say that because next Saturday evening the night of the 19th is the first night of the holiday Pesach or Passover, which is all about release from bondage, release from slavery, freedom to unlock the mysteries of life and live in explicit peace, unity and beauty according to the revealed will of the constant Creator.


It’s funny how in one day you can make a definite decision, experience the clear support of heavens hands and then get the exact opposite message or opportunity. I guess it all comes down to making a discerning choice and not allowing chance to guide. It is better to have many opportunities than none. So many things have come up in such a short period of time. I have currently made the choice to move back to the Bay Area of Northern California. How do I feel???? Odd. I didn’t want to go back, but now it seems and feels like a good choice. It is mainly financial, but when I honestly think about that there is more involved from heart stuff, to creative stuff, to financial stuff. Today I was told that there is an opening for me to work as a pastry chef for Cafe Gratitude which is a great place to work, doing something I love and allowing me the time to work on my website and other projects in the making. Plus many friends, creative outlets – I’ve come to know that I need to and want to perform again at some point – Dancing, playing music, expressing my soul song for others to experience and I have amazing connections there to get back into that, plus a spiritual community. Now out here, I’ve begun to build a sweet community of people who are really appreciating all my food offerings and want more. It just hasn’t been enough to support me. Tonight I sent out an email explaining that I was leaving and tonights meal was the last one (for a while). The response has been so heart warming, one client offered me a position as a private chef – this is where the polar options from above come into play…what to do? Well, I must do something and for now I will visit the bay and see how it feels. Trust my instincts and go with the flow. I am so grateful to be blessed by such wonderful gifts of possibility, choices, choices. May it be the Will of the Truth and Essence of all things to guide me in the direction of the highest good for all, that I am clear and decisive in regards to the highest path for fulfilling my ultimate purpose, and that I take the action necessary for fulfilling that purpose! Amen!


Many of these decisions just came up within the last couple of hours and again I am reminded to take a deep breath, remember that all things are in perfect flow, trust and release. When I left the bay one of the reasons that drove me to come up here was for the sake of re connecting to my essence, to my individuality, without anyone else’s imprint of who I was. For me what a better place than near family away from anyone who knew me through “periods” of massively defined characteristics, and away from jobs that I could easily fall back on. I also wanted to be on my own, become my own chef and see what I could manifest and create. With confidence I can say the journey has been a complete success. Whatever I choose to do, I remember again who I am, what I am, and what I am about. It is however undefinable, it is no one thing and I think that may be the whole point. Perhaps I was trying to fit in some sort of an outline that I had created and other people held. Now with some space and time I can say “no need to hold that outline for me any longer, it doesn’t fit and for that matter it never truly did”. Without an outline I am free to just be me. With an honest confession, as I have been contemplating going back some fears have been coming up about whether or not I will fall back into trying to fit the mold. It may sound funny, but it’s a true feeling. Again I breath, nice and deep, remember no matter what – if we let go of our chitter chatter mental madness and just trust we will come home.


Another interesting synchronism is that the day I chose to drive back is next Tuesday…ring any bells? Well it wouldn’t unless you started your juice feast on March 1st like I did. It’s the exact half way point, WOWIE! How’d that happen? Half here half there, One day at a time, but I did and do find it quite serendipitous. We will see how it all unfolds now won’t we? I will miss juicing with my Daddy and being so close to my Mommy and Kwestie and Marina and Richie…the Fam. But I have many reasons to come for a lot of visits and now many other resources for teaching classes, catering events and creating scrumptious meals for desiring clients, that’s always nice! I’m already nostalgic and still not 100% sure how it’s all gonna go?

So as you see Decisions and Changes is the perfect heading for these last few days. Oh yes we all must remember, anything is possible and we write our own stories, therefore we must be clear about what we want.That is this moments prayer and goal. I am thankful, grateful and so blessed!


Down to the juiciness:

Still on simple juices the first one consists of:

Kale, Apple, Cucumber, Lemon, Celery and Parsley

The second:

Romaine, Carrots w/tops, Apple, Ginger, Parsley

Simple is the way to go.


Hemp Oil – (I was off for the last couple weeks and started feeling fuzzy brained. Instincts kicked in and said “you need the omega’s” so here we go, let’s see if that helps)

Coconut Oil





Sun is Shining

Chanca Piedra


Physically I’m feeling really good. I will weigh in tomorrow, the weights been coming of slowly via the scale, but my old clothes are falling off. Most important, my energy has been excellent, skin so clear and eyes feeling really bright. My detox tools are down to 1 or 2 enemas a week (soon to begin coffee enemas to help kick start the liver detox) skin brushing daily (if you haven’t given this your time yet you are missing out) and moderate exercise. That is one area where I can use some more enthusiasm, and I know it will come once I push it to the next level for a few days. That’s the way it goes, you push yourself to a place a little uncomfortable and then it becomes habit, joyous, exciting.

That was a nice little download for the time being. Thank you for all your support, love and positive thoughts. I am sending it all out there knowing we are supporting each other constantly no matter the place, time or circumstance.

Blessed Love and Sweetest Journeys, Chaya


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