Juice Feast Days 36-38

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What a weekend it has been! My extremely rambunctious nephew Kwest came for a sleep over weekend. Even with two of us exhaustion was inevitable, and both my Father and I were a bit overwhelmed with the making of food and serving 3 meals a day and snacks in between for the entire weekend. Go all you Mommies and Daddies, Husbands and Wives who are juice feasting and feeding their families. It was easier on me than on my Dad, but in all honesty it wasn’t the easiest thing for me either. We did survive and will hold off another weekend visit until after the 92 days. Yesterday I woke up with a bit of a sore throat and am still experiencing some feelings that aren’t quite the best ever if you know what I mean. It’s a bit perplexing, this is the second time I’ve gone through this same sort of flu like detox and I just think and wonder how is this possible? It definitely doesn’t have to do with what I’m eating lol! Whatever it is, I’m just taking it easy, riding the waves, doing more to get the lymph flowing and the good vibes growing!

I sent a note to my friend Briana today. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, please take a few moments to read “Juice Feast Day 12”. I heard from her from another friend who sent out an email to all of her loved ones letting us know how she was doing and where she was at. Basically she needs all the holy allies out there on the physical and spiritual planes. In my letter I told her that I had sent a blog out and requested for people to hold visions of her with her baby and husband and friends, free as she should be, in joy, peace and creative expression! I ask you all again to continue to hold these feelings and images for the good of all existence. Remember we are one, what happens to one is happening to all, and although Briana is one out of uncountable cases of atrocities going on right now – you are reading this, there is no accident in that. So please, create something of beauty, help someone in any way, spread love and joy into the world,  have an outrageous jam session, healing session, treat yourself to a breath of silence, beauty, unbridled creativity and do so it in the name of Briana Waters for her quick release to freedom and reunion for a life of peace joy and creation. If you are so moved and have any words of inspiration for her, leave a comment and I will send it on. Thank you!


I am missing the poetic passion that was accompanying me for the first couple weeks of this juice feast, looking forward for it’s speedy return. The first couple of weeks I was really taking some major time off from focusing on my more material needs. That caught up with me and ever since the focus has been more of creating a flow of wealth, my creativity in writing has become much more simplistic and day to day, for lack of a better term. However what I envision, desire, intend is to be as creative and in the flow of inspired purpose throughout every aspect of life, whatever my moments focus is, they should all be in flow with my ultimate purpose, service and individual creative expression. As a single woman, when I’m a married woman, as a business woman, as a parent, in any form I set the intention to maintain my sense of self, creative flow and expression. Not only as those things but through them, every aspect of my persona should be a channel for my divine and creative purpose. Thank you for being my witnesses!


What is Love, Desire, Attraction,

the magical moment of Magnetic Interaction?

Perhaps that point of Unity, the point of Magnanimous Radiant Beauty.

Where one thing ends another begins,

Separation or Completion depends on the lens.

What if the whole world saw what some see,

A place where the heart call is driving all things,

From a great ancient Tree,

to a buzzing honey Bee,

to a little old ladies floral tapestry.

Desire, Attraction, Sensual Satisfaction.

Some see hate, I see Love.

The Divine Creation Blessed From Above.

As physical interacts with spiritual,

We witness life’s miracle.

So many things cause us to question this existence,

the divine law attracting our eternal inquisition,

calling us quietly like a lover in the night,

requesting our attention to acknowledge divine insight.

What is this called love – but one of ONE,

Seemingly separate yet separate is none.

So now, what is Love, Desire, Attraction?

From where comes the magical moment of magnetic interaction?

It is our soul calling us back, calling us in, guiding our way to the awakened path.

Through all these signs, in life and light,

whether illusive, translucent, dim or bright,

whether in a calm breeze or a furious fight,

All is good, in perfect order, Harmony, is Love,

 drawn closer and closer. 

I’ve been reading a book called Botany of Desire, very eye opening into this sensual, dare I say sexual world we live in. I mean that in the humblest and holy of ways. All things are driven by life, growth beauty and attraction. or so it seems for this time bean!

 Thank you for your inspiration. Blessed Love, Chaya


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