Juice Feast Days 28-32

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There was a little gap in time, one day I was here, then I was there, but now I’m back…phew! I left off just before my Solar B-day, well that came and went and what a wonderful day it was! Birthday’s are really a year to year thing, sometimes so great other times just another day and other times a sort of “everyone forgot about me, self pity party sort of a day”. I’m sure there are others, but those are a few that I’ve experienced.

This year, for me, I’ll call, Serendipity!

The day began with a Cadillac Colonic, the Colon Hydrotherapist just having arrived from heavenly Hawaii the night beforeĀ  (she suggested the day unaware that it was my birthday). It was my second experience of a colonic and so far both have been incredible and guided by some powerful Women. With all the sickness I had been experiencing earlier on in the week I figured this would be a great way to start out my 31st year in this earth suit, so it was and is. Tara (the Hydrotherapist) was such and angel, she educated me for about an hour, guided me through the process, bathed my feet in a copper basin filled with warm water and a floating flower, rehydrated me with a young coconut and serenaded me with her next client singing the Birthday song and even pulled together a sweet little gift bag (she only found out it was my birthday after I filled out the paper work)…what a doll!


The day continued with a smooth, smiling flow & glow. My father came with me to deliver produce, and a couple more meals, he gave me a gift certificate for a hot stone Swedish massage, I am so looking forward to that, it will be a first woohoo! I continued to a friends house for Shabbat where we spent many hours discussing the depth of Mystical Israel, the World, Unity, Feminine and Masculine joining, Soul Mates. Wow, what a Divinely guided celebration and inspiration. One thing I did discover is, being around people who are eating all day is much more difficult than chillin’ with my Pappa drinking juices all day. Something very interesting happened, I physically became weaker after I would sit with the family while they ate their meals. Perhaps it’s the fact that digestion begins with smelling or even looking at food, and then without actually introducing the food to the system it experiences more of a lack??? I’m not sure – just guessing, but I truly felt a difference – to the extent that I decided to postpone my trip to California. Rather than a 3 week visit I will have a 10 day visit. My recommendation from this experience is – if you can, partner up with someone on the juice feast and minimalize the amount of time you spend with others while they eat. The again if you’re a Mom, Dad, Husband or Wife, that may be more difficult/impossible, in that situation it will be easier for you get past that feeling than me for instance, who doesn’t need to be in that environment for the most part.

I spent the last couple of days with my Mommy, Sister, Nephew, Step Father and Kitty (He’s staying with my Mom ’till I get my own place). I love being so close to them that a visit only takes a couple of hours. We did a lot of preparing of live foods. I can’t describe how thankful I am that for one, they are becoming more and more interested in healthy living and also, that I am here to teach them what I know. We made, Kale Chips, Onion Bread, Granola, I brought some raw taco makings and hooked up a few Romaine boat taco’s…they liked em’. Just a lot of explaining on how to use the equipment and how to supplement their daily routines. We’re on the way to radiant health, one choice at a time! Zeolites are coming next, for all of them! I am so thrilled, so, so, so thrilled!


I am now back down in Eugene, Dad had all my juices ready for me (what an angel). It is always nice to get back into a routine. On the physical side of things, i am feeling much better. Ever since the watermelon juices, my system has seemed to calm down B”H (Blessed is the Most High), and green juices are being very well received. What a relief to get over that hump! We’re into the second month, I am sensing the time flying by.

If you are on this feast and having any sort of a hard time, just remember to ride the wave. Whatever it is will pass, make smooth moves from one juice to the next, to water, add in what you can, when you can, and if you feel like it’s time to stop, give it a few days, take some deep breaths, center yourself and be clear on what is truly going to be for your highest good. Remember the time will pass, you will eat again, all is well. If from a centered place you feel it’s time to transition back into solids do it the right way, according to the plan and give yourself the well deserved appreciation and acknowledgment for having gone through such a transformational process, no matter how long it lasted. Then continue to make the best choice ever, with every moment as it comes, your life is blossoming into it’s radiant perfection in this and every moment!


All Love, All Blessings, All Ways, Chaya




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  1. Ora

    hug! hug! wow, chaya! what a special birthday! you’re in your second month already? that’s so amazing. it feels like we are going through a transformation together, although quite different.
    you are so beautiful.

  2. Phil

    You are doing such a phenomenal job. I appreciate the depth of each of your journal entries. Very inprining and inspired.
    Keep it up

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