Juice Feast Days 26 & 27

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Something must have been working its way through me. After the few days of nausea and exhaustion, something had to change. The thought of green juice would make my stomach turn and with just over two months to go on the juice feast – I was feeling a bit concerned. After my morning talk with David (I am training to be a juice feast consultant and speak with David Rainoshek just about every morning), we decided that going with my bodies intuition – simplifying the juices to a mono juice of watermelon, and also a cucumber celery juice would be the best. I go in for a colonic tomorrow, Happy Birthday to me – it’s the perfect gift for myself, start fresh ya know?! One day on mostly watermelon juice with the cucumber/celery really helped to bring me back to a more centered place. The nausea remained (much more dilute than the day before), but today nada, I’ve been feeling really good. As I was saying yesterday – sleep is of supreme importance and I am confident that my alleviation is due greatly to rest, rest, rest.

Having said that, I spent all day today (preparing juice) and then preparing food. It looked and smelled so good. Oh, my Daddy, it’s a little torture some for him when I’m preparing the food here at the house. Then the people start coming – at one point he even told a woman I am so jealous of you right now! However what good has come from 1 – the juice feast (much more good has come from the JF than what this remark is about, but without the JF who knows???) and 2 – my preparing raw food here, is that – in the first few days of feasting Dad was talking about how great a burger or chicken sandwich sounded, then it was a chicken Caesars, and for the past few days the dehydrated stuff wafting savory scents through the garage – today not only was he talking about how great this raw “Taco Salad & Corn Chips” would be, but then he was saying just to scoop and eat an avocado or munch on a whole head of celery….yeah baby, that’s what I’m talkin’ about. From burgers to craving for celery, something is going way right here! For me preparing the food has actually been really nice. Dad said he could never do it. Perhaps it’s because preparing the best food ever is my passion and art, but the day flies by, I love making it look beautiful and I love serving it to delighted and grateful people (it’s nice to get the great responses too). Warning: If you’re currently Juice Feasting, and feel tortured by the sight of great raw food, DON’T look at the picture below, just scroll, scroll right on past it, we can get through this together.
Below is a shot of one of the raw Taco Salads to-go:


If you’re a Mom, Dad, Chef, or otherwise need to prepare food during a fast or feast, you can do it. What I’m finding is that my intuition is getting sharper and sharper. I have a feeling that after juice feasting, not only will I be cleaner, clearer and more vibrant, but I may even walk away a more refined, intuitive, and instinctual chef. Use whatever you have to do, as a practice and as a teacher to you. I’m sure whatever you are, or whatever you practice on a daily, daily that can be challenging, has a lesson in it for you somewhere and juice feasting or not – there is a way to look at the situation in just a slightly different way – allowing it to be your teacher, making you a stronger, brighter and more brilliantly manifested being. Most important thing is we must come back to “Trust and Release”, it’s the vegan and philosophical form of “Catch and Release”. We should teach that to the fisher people, huh?

Yesterday was my 30th Birthday, and this’ll be a shocker if you haven’t been reading my posts, tomorrow or actually 2 minutes from now is my 30th Birthday. Woohoo, I get two, well we all do, maybe even a few. I know I’m getting a little corny, but that is another side of me and if you’ve gotten this far, then you deserve to know me a little better! Honestly yesterday was my Hebrew or Lunar Birthday and tomorrow is my Solar, I feel so universal….No special plans, just juicy, juicy and Shabbat Kodesh (the Holy Sabbath). Yes, real rest and reboot for the week ahead. I do want to say that I remember a year ago on my birthday I set the intention that by this birthday I would have taken the leaps and bounds to really be in my ideal and ultimate health. It is quite serendipitous that I start this feast a month before my B-day. Although I’m not yet at the ultimate of ultimate – I am on the way, have come this far and am feeling really right on the mark with that goal/vision set a year ago yesterday/today/tomorrow/whatever, you know what I mean. I had also intended for clarity of mind, stability, essence and joy. Those are also right along their way. Ever since I made the move to Eugene, being near my Fam. has really helped me to get back to my own true nature and essence. It’s so easy to get out there and get caught up with other peoples ideas and concepts of who you are, who you should be, or who you aren’t and who you shouldn’t be. I am blessed to have a family who embraces me fully for whoever I am, and nurtures my essence through whatever experience I may be having. I wanted to come back and get away from everyone else’s concept of me, I wanted to break out of someone else’s mold and come back to embodying that pure spirit that expresses itself in all it’s individual colors. Blessed be the Creator of all things, the space has been made and she is shining forth. Every year gets better and better, and better. Who ever said growing up was no fun. It’s the best!

One of my intentions and blessings for the whole (that includes you and everything/one) is that we continue to contact the pure spirit and maintain it’s expression throughout our lives. No matter who or what we encounter, no matter where we end up, where we sleep, how we spend our days, by the Will of the Constant Creator, may we all be blessed to have our eyes open, our ears open, our mouths open, our minds open and our bodies open and expressing that pure light, with complete and revealed clarity. With continued deep breaths, “Trust, Release and Express”. So it is! B”H

All Love, All Blessings, All Ways, Forever, Chaya



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