Juice Feast Days 21 &22

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Adar, Pisces, time of the fish. Representing the creatures who live in the realm of hidden, who breath the waters of mystery and dwell within that water which comes down from on high, Ultimate Wisdom Revealed. Now is the time to delve into the depths.


Shabbat came and went. My inheritance of complete rest, HalleluYah! One day of not juicing (we make all our juice for Shabbat on Friday day) is the least of it’s beauty, but let me tell you – it is certainly a beautiful thing. Perhaps it’s that I prepare the veggies for two, or because I am extra meticulous about no bugs on our veggies or in our juice, but the juicing is quite a bit of work. Having said that I should also say, the results and experience and beauty of juice feasting is very much worth the effort and so much more!

Thursday night began Purim, a Jewish holiday when we celebrate and remember our victory over annihilation – a day when a decree was sent out to destroy the entire Jewish people and instead they received triumphant joy and life! It is also the month of Adar the last month of the Hebrew calendar, we are told that this is the time to break through our barriers and courageously seek the Holiness of life, it is a time of Completion, Ascendancy and Joy. Holiness and Joy are synonymous, it is through joy that one can come to a level of holiness. If we are in a place of faith, or trust, or knowing of the Infinite nature and reality of all existence the ever present Unified Creator guiding, breathing, being in and of all – with complete awareness and intention – there is truly nothing to fear. All is in perfect order, when we can experience the truth of this, there can be only joy, love, reverence etc. We are open to the revealed truth that is ever present for the knowing, experiencing and as humans, acknowledging.


Adar seems to be a very auspicious time for me to be juice feasting. From it is coming messages of boldly expressing my true nature, contacting the purpose of my existence and settling for nothing but revealed truth. Breaking the barriers to holiness, persevering in body, mind, emotion and spirit. It feels as though I am receiving support from both ends or beginnings however you choose to look at it. Juice Feasting from the physical side and Adar from the heavenly. All is one but it seems significant and serendipitous for both to be showing up in these seemingly polar forms. My 30th birthday is also coming up this week, my lunar or Hebrew birthday on the 19th of Adar which is the 26th of March and my solar birthday the 28th of March. Many things coming to a time of completion and renewal. The truth is….”Anything is Possible”. Therefore let’s go for it! As I’ve said before NOW IS THE TIME. There is no other time and all that holds us back are memories playing over and over again in our minds telling us “‘A’ is possible, ‘B’ is impossible”. How can anything be impossible when you really reflect on the reality we are experiencing. We need to just retrain our minds and become what it is that we are created to be, on every single level. This process is whatever we make it to be.

Rebelliousness is no longer, drugs, violence, vulgarity of speech or action, rather rebelliousness is exceeding the expectations of society in thought, speech and action. To be rebellious is to break out of the prison this society is trapped in. It is a prison who’s guard is you, is me, to be rebellious is to break out of the need to place blame and realize we are a whole and collective body. When you or I unshackle our own mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bondage we are also helping the whole to be set free. We can eat the food of life, we can think the thoughts of life, we can breath the breath and drink the waters of life, we can speak the words of life – we can give glory and praise to that which is the essence of all things, the Infinite and indivisible reality of forever through living an awakened life – in love and harmony. There is todays rebel. Release the warrior of light and life, allow it to consume the fear which creates a seemingly dark and haunted reality, in turn we will breath like we have never known possible, we will experience the joy that is life, we will be in complete peace within ourselves no matter what we are surrounded by. There is none but ONE! Be a Rebel of Truth, Freedom, and Radiance. Be a light unto your world, for the sake of all creation. The power of ALL creates and sustains you constantly, that is your reality. Everything is possible now, be courageously bold.

Thank YOU! I Love YOU! There is none but YOU, Ain Sof Baruch Hu (Blessed Infinite One) HalleluYah!


Coming back to the daily daily on my juice feasting feelings, I am feeling very thankful, if you could not tell. This Shabbat was a rest very needed and appreciated. In general my energy has been better than ever. Day 22 today, unbelievable, not really but very inspiring. That is 3 weeks and a day. My Solar birthday will be the mark of the first month. Wow! It really helps to be busy although this week was somewhat exhausting, however it flew by. It was also very successful, people loved the food I made, I had a pretty easy time making it, I met some beautiful musicians on Thursday night and jammed for the first time in a long time, I enjoyed the Rabbi reading the Megillah (book of Esther/ Purim scroll) and see all their adorable children dressed up and eating hamentashen (I’ll have to make a raw recipe for that one). All in all a busy, lively week and my energy was awesome.

I weighed in on Friday and am currently at 149lbs. that’s only a pound less than last week, but I’ve also been working out. I really am not caring to much about what the scale says. My clothes are falling off, I feel great, my complexion is clear and smooth, my eyes are bright, the scale only knows so much, ya know what I mean?!

We switched up the juices a bit this week adding some red chard, spinach, cilantro. I had some of those the first week, but the red chard I didn’t and it is really smooth, kind of creamy seeming, easy to wash which is great for me, basically I recommend it!


Thank you again for joining me on this journey of life. You inspire me to go further, every one of you, whether I know you, will know you or will never get the chance to physically meet you, you inspire me. You are a guiding light in all that you do, be bold and break free, the Life of life is supporting you constantly.

More Love, More Life, More Light! All Blessings, Chaya


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