Juice Feast Days 19 & 20

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Something is certainly blossoming inside,

moving through and shifting the tides.

Thank you Hashem, Infinite light,

I was tired and hungry now you’ve seen me through that night.

One deep breath and trusting deep,

past the cold winter, past the deep sleep,

blossoms await to give forth the fruit,

that which is given for all to produce.

Love calls, Love calls, Love is what all yearn for,

the blossom to the sun, the heart of hearts to the heart that’s yours.

These last two days have been minute to minute go, go, go. All in the realm of food prep (if you can believe it)and produce deliveries. But you know, it’s working (the food prep side). I am making some amazing raw food for people and not even tasting a bit. I know I said previously I wouldn’t post picsof the food so as not to torture you, but hey if I can make it you can look at it. I did a “Pizza Night” for some local folks, and here are some pics:



Well at least I don’t have a shot of the pineapple cheesecake I had made the night before. Honestly I am doing it (preparing the food) and it doesn’t make juice feasting any easier, but it is absolutely feasible and enjoyable. One thing is for sure my level of trust is increasing exponentially as I make food on instinct and receive some of the best compliments ever.




I have been telling myself (when something looks, smells, feels extra tantalizing) “that will be a nice treat a few weeks after the juice feast is complete”. It feels like my relationship with food is becoming even healthier through working with it and not eating it. It somehow turns into that fact that I don’t “need” to eat it just because it looks, sounds, tastes or smells good. When I’m ready it will be available. A very important lesson for me. If you are someone who has to cook for work or family just make sure that you have all the juice you need for when hunger is aroused. Drink plenty of water and trust your innate wisdom to add the perfect amounts of sweet, salt, bitter, tart etc. It’s really an excellent practice.

Good news, I have been so busy the last two days and doing my best to keep updating the blog that I’m not getting to sleep ’till way too late however, my energy and mental clarity is out of this world. I was driving out to Roseburg yesterday shocked at how clearly I was seeing the mountains. My body is feeling lighter and I am much more conscious of posture. My breathing is full and deep, overall I’ve been feeling incredible. No caffeine, too little sleep and a lot of work (Baruch Hashem – Blessed is the Most High), imagine that and my energy is unlike I remember. Day 21 here we come almost three weeks, wow does time fly…I am continuously grateful, thankful and so filled with the veggie and juice feast LOVE. We’re going places we have never been, well speaking for myself definitely uncharted territory, and it’s looking quite mystical, mysterious and right on!



I jammed at a Purim party for the first time in a very long time tonight, yay! There was a harpist there who’s music was so heavenly. We will be jamming regularly, or so I hope. It seems like all those puzzle pieces are just falling right into place. I will start dancing again as well, not Belly but possibly Flamenco as I’ve done some and feel very moved by the moves and the rhythms (rhythm is definitely one of my “things”). I will most definitely keep you updated on my progress in that arena. Follow your passion, follow your bliss!



Keeping it shortish for this night and will hopefully post before Shabbat arrives tomorrow (later today really, 1:30 am ish now).


My thanks and love continue to pour out to you and to all, for the support on this journey and THIS Journey (of life). Blessings and luminous love, sweet dreams, Chaya




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