Juice Feast Days 17 &18

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A long winding path, who’s memory is forever,

embracing each rider, drifter and slider,

leading every soul to a place well known

a place that radiates that deep rich glow

a place once arrived at – hears the

Ahh this is home”.

Where is this road and this place of such comfort?

This place beyond pain, confusion and trouble?

This place so known it’s unknown to none?

This place beyond time, space and sun?


right here, right now, this very moment,

the road is life, and we are on it.

The place it leads to, that Holy destination,

is not outside – and is beyond sensation.

Beyond a feeling, a thought or description,

Beyond an ancient and mystic encryption.

Encoded and inscribed is our Soul of Source,

Peel away the layers and it’s you of course.

The road will continue,

on and on,

and when you are ready it’s as short as it is long.

Take a deep breath,

continue on your ride,

trust, relax, let yourself sigh.

If not now, NOW,

we know that’s all there is,

come back to love and follow your bliss!


I have run quite late on posting for this day, and I don’t remember the juice mixes exactly but I do remember that a shift happened. David R. and I had been talking about how things were going and I explained that my Father has lost nearly 23 lbs. now (can you believe that? Go Dad), and I have lost maybe 9. It’s not so important how much I’ve lost but that I am getting healthier and healthier. Still it brought up some frustration and I remembered David mentioning that (1), women lose weight more slowly than men in general, and (2), that if someone tends to hang out at one weight (while on the JF, and they definitely still have excess) it is worth it to check in and see if there was some sort of trauma that had happened when at that weight. All of a sudden I remembered, something very significant and life altering that I had not even considered looking at.


After taking some time to think about it here is a bit of what came through:

“Release into it, no time to hold on. Like you’ve said so many times there is no time like the present. Embrace this moments opportunity with courage, discipline and enthusiasm.

Fear is false, it is hiding from truth, hiding from what is, living in the memories of what had been and not embracing all past experiences as nourishing triumphs bringing me into this moment, this time, this place of expansive knowing and possibility. It is time to come out of my shell fearlessly.”


There is nothing here that is trying to “get us down”. Everything comes in from the grace of the Almighty. With that we’ve been given this great gift of choice. That fire that I spoke about a few days ago, the Aish Tamid (continual fire), is strengthened when we persevere, when we push through. Whatever comes in we breath and we continue forward to be that which we came here to be and do that which we came here to do. Wow, realize everything surrounding you, good, or not seaming so good, it is all here to help you. We are always completely supported. Thank you Hashem (Creator and Sustainer of all)!


I’ve been going along and getting a little bent out of shape because I want to be on this Juice Feast and yet I want everything to move along with the same or even easier flow than was before hand. What’s happening is stuff has been arising from the depths and surfacing – that is what I wanted. However as it’s coming out, I’m just wanting to be able to go along with my daily life in the same way as usual, and that’s just not possible. I need to stop, reflect, switch up the gears and get into the solitary, reflective place that I have been fearing for so long. Oh freedom, that’s what I needed. Like a light switched on in my mind, I’m fighting it, because I’ve avoided it, I called it in and now it’s here. Looking in the mirror, facing me, taking the time to introspect, and act on what has been spoken of for so long. Again it comes back to responsibility. No one can DO anything for me. I must utilize the time to do it for myself. Shake off and bust through any boundaries, any borders. They’re only there to make us stronger. Anytime we push a little further than we think possible we’ve reached a brand new level of strength to move forward from.



Before I say good night, there is one more thing, I want to mention. In regards to your juice. If you are having a difficult time, just drink it, drink it quick all at one time and once it’s down you will feel so much better. Then you can have tea, water or nothing, and you will feel satisfied. I am someone who loves all types of juices (except for wheat grass, beet, and red bell, so far) and I started having a hard time for a couple different reasons. This is what works for me, Drink half a quart – wait a few minutes and drink the rest. That’s it you done for a couple of hours. You’ll find the flavors you love and make sure to strain it really well, a smooth texture makes all the difference! Just a side note as I’ve been having some issues and this is working for me now.


Thanks for sharing my life and love. You are a blessings and support. I love you.
Have the sweetest, most playful, inspiring and lucid dreams ever. Blessed Love, Chaya






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