Juice Feast Day16 “Family”

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My sister and nephew came to hang out for the day. I love them so, so much. Kwest (my nephew) joined in the juicy merry making this morning, he wasn’t so interested in tasting it (yet) but he loved pressing it. My Father liked that too, it made his job so much easier. Kwest is just too cute anyhow and got such a kick out of pushing the carrots, yams, raddishes and his special request…apples!

Dad showing Kwest that he’ll have to push pretty hard, you can see Kwesty squeezing his fists as he prepares to use the “force”:


Kwest is using all his might, he went at it for quite some time:


I must say my Dad is doing fabulously well. To date I believe he’s already lost a total of 23lbs. his energy is stable and his mental attitude is completely in the flow of manifestation and purpose. I am blessed to be his daughter. It seems my entire family is in this flow my Mommy is getting healthier and healthier, she is so inspired, continuing to learn on every level and tap into that creative soul being that is infinitely bright and immeasurably talented, my Sister (a highly gifted, beyond words talented, writer, designer and Mother among many other things) also making healthier choices, inspiring those around her, utilizing all of her time to manifest her dreams and build a stable supported life for her son, my Nephew is showing his brilliance, and his respect more and more every day, my Brother continues to inspire and guide me and those around him by his continuous practice to be in divine purpose within all realms of life – how blessed, and grateful I am to have this holy family. May we all continue with focus, persistence and divine guidance on this journey of unified essence expression.

My energy was really low all day long, I have a feeling some major detoxing is going on right now and very soon I will be writing about how much energy and clarity I have. I did my best to stay focused and keep my vibes high because I don’t get to hang out with the family every day. Peppermint tea did me really well, as well as being consistent with drinking my juices which are getting more and more enjoyable by the day.

We began straining the juice through a nut milk bag because even though we use a Green Star – pulp, fiber weird clumpy green goo, still tends to find it’s way through. That was not adding to the enjoyability of the juice. Using the nut milk bag has upped the enjoyment factor at leas ten times, thank you Hashem (Creator, Sustainer etc.)!

On the Juice Menu Today:


Juice #1: Yam, Carrots w/tops, Baby Bok Choy, Romaine, Apple

Juice #2: Parsley, Kale, Radish w/tops, Apple, Celery, Cucumber, Romaine, Lemon

Juice #3: Grapefruit, Orange, Lemon, Garlic



Vitamin ‘C’

E-3 Live


Detox Tools:

Enema, Skin Brush, Hot/Cold Shower, Sleep

As I said above, my energy has been low and I even felt nauseous. That was after the enema etc. I decided just to rest, I didn’t finish all my juices as my body instinct/wisdom was asking for water or nothing for the time being. So I’ll just go with that and trust that this will pass, a new day will come and more of what’s been lodged in will have a chance to be expelled, go to where it can evolve and leave this vehicle with more clarity to continue onward with a vital roar on the trek of life and love.

Glowing Heart

Looking forward to what tomorrow may bring. Many Blessings and all Holy Love, Chaya



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