Juice Feast Day11

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Day 11 just seemed to come and go. I watched David and Katrina’s “A hero’s Journey” that they posted on Day 9 and on the Global Juice Feasting website. It really acknowledged a lot of what I’ve been experiencing over the last couple of days. The emotional stuff revealing itself from the past without the fabric of food to hide behind, as well as those negative little voices and experiences that love to come around right when major change is in full bloom. Those are our little testers saying “it’s too hard”, “you can’t do it”, they like like to put rode blocks in front of us to see if they can get us to slip and trip and fall back. All things in essence work for the same essential truth that is all good. So although it seems they want us to fall, truly they want us to surpass their trickery and catapult into heightened levels of being. They help us overcome and applaud our achievements, even though they will always be there testing and trying our authenticity at every moment. Sometimes we do fall and that’s just part of the process, at some point we rise up and continue forward – an even more wise, more prepared being than we were before that experience.

Today Ifeel more prepared than yesterday, and the juice is tasting good again (that was one of my little testers. All of a sudden the juice was not enjoyable and it was only the 9th and then the 10th day. I would continue with the “Feast”, but I would rather enjoy the process which thankfully it seems I will be able to). Another very important aspect is getting enough sleep at night. Much of the cleansing (as David has been telling me) happens while we sleep, and because our bodies are in cleanse mode, it’s even more important than usual to get sufficient sleep. If you’ve been following my posts you know that 5:30 is my wake up goal, and the last couple days 6am has been actual wake up, it’s the bedtime that gets me. Now, if I can get to bed by 10pm then a 5:30 wake up should be just right!


Today’s Juiciness:

Juice#1: Celery, Cucumber, Red Bell Pepper, Ginger, Kale, Parsley, Green Apple, Lemon

Juice#2: Beet, Spinach, Cucumber, Green Apple, Lemon, Romaine, Kale

Juice#3: Orange, Grapefruit, Garlic

*Every day is similar due to bulk buying. We just switch around the flavors and come up with the best combos. Next produce pick up: Thursday, Yay! My body LOVES Fresh Bell Pepper, but in my juice is a no, no, no. We’re all different but I won’t be doing that one again, I can’t really handle the beets either, so now I know, a beautiful color and makes for a nice contrast in the photo’s but not really great on my palate.


1 Tbs. Spirulina

1 Tbs. Hemp Oil

2 tsp. Bee Pollen

1 tsp. MSM

1.5 tsp. Vitamin ‘C’ Powder


Detox Tools:

Enema, Skin Brush, Tongue Scrape, Exercise, Deep Breathing, Prayer, meditation, positive thoughts, journaling


I add prayer, breath, meditation etc. to the detox tools because in one moment an emotional release, a connection to our trust/faith, an outpouring of our feelings, silent stillness and melding with all, is where “miracles” occur and anything is possible. A person with proper mental control, spiritual connectedness, heart centered awareness or whatever one wants to call it, could instantly overcome any health, mental or emotional challenge they may be experiencing. I’m not there yet, ever working on it, but it is the most important if you ask me, in overall detoxification.

Once again I spent my day preparing food – desserts at that. A chocolate Mousse times five and a couple coconut cream pies, (all raw vegan of course). I can do this, it’s not so bad and to top it off the people I work for seem to love the idea that they have to be the taste testers. I’ve decided no tasting for me for the whole three months. It would be way to difficult not to swallow, it’s just one of those things, we have all those taste buds in the back of our mouths and it’s just too tricky of an area to even begin to venture there. I think you get the point. It also gives me a chance to let go and trust others. I’m usually really anal about the flavor of my food and now I just have to let go, take it easy and trust the people I’m serving. One thing I did find is that if you have a 3 or 4 year old around, they will not tell a lie about enjoying the food or not. One little girl came in, took one taste, had a funny look on her face for just a moment and then just wanted more and more and more. I knew by then, it was good!

As day turns to night my body is screaming for rest, an early night to bed and an early rise to day.

Sending you all big love and wishes for ease, grace and a soaring flight through you journey of juice feasting and beyond.
Blessed Dreams, Chaya





  1. Michelle

    It seems you are doing wonderful on your juice feast. I appreciate you introspection. I hope the juice feast continues to bring you life changes.


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