Juice Feast Day 7 “First Week, WoooHooo”

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Today was slightly maddening in that it’s the shortest day of my week. Friday is only from the time I wake up ‘til sunset, after sunset Shabbat has begun and it is a brand new day where no “work” takes place (which includes many activities we may otherwise take for granted). To top it off, I only got about 3.5 hours of sleep last night, that’s a whole other story.

Today was produce pickup and drop off day, I had a private cheffing gig for a beautiful couple having their 8th Lunversary as they so adorably put it, and I had to prepare all my juice for today and later another juicing session for tomorrow’s juice (all of my food is prepared in advance, and of course my loving Father did all he could to help me in my chaos and make it happen smoothly).

Well, I made it, I survived.

Before I tell you about that I’ll tell you about today’s concoctions:

Juices 1 and 2: Everything.

No time for creativity, we just tossed everything we had left in the juicer. I thought it was pretty tasty, Dad on the other hand was having some sort of a gag reflex :0(

Juice #3: Grapefruit, Lemon, Orange and the overflowed green juice. It was uh, alright.


1 Tbs. Spirulina

1Tbs. Hemp Oil



About today, I have to say with all on my plate for the day, and only 3-4 hours of sleep you would think it would have been disastrous, but quite to the contrary. While I was in go-go mode I felt fantastic, prepared morning juices with my Pappa, picked up all the produce, separated it into the proper boxes for people, put together all my kitchen supplies and ingredients for the gig, delivered all the boxes, prepared a gorgeous Thai meal for two while teaching the couple, with laughter, love and guidance, packed up came back home, delivered the last produce box, prepared the Shabbat Juices, showered, straightened up a bit, took a deep breath and lit candles for the Holy Sabbath. Phew! Trust me after that I was so, thankful it was Shabbat.


Okay you caught me, I’m writing this after the fact. It is now Saturday night, but in the midst of all that there was no way I could write as well. But here I am and it seems almost as vivid as if it were still yesterday.

A couple big points about all this;

  • I had 3-4 hours of sleep, my energy was unbelievable, I felt good and happy. That’s pretty huge! On top of that there was no option for caffeine of any sort, no green tea no cacao no nuttin’ honey, but my greens did me oh so well. If I had this experience before the juice feast some form of caffeine would be a given and I can promise you I would never have felt this good.
  • While preparing the food for the couple, I had no cravings to try even the slightest amount of the food I was preparing. I actually brought them into it a little more by having them taste the food, check for enough salt, sweet, tart etc. They loved it, it was so fun and I got to introduce them to the idea of juice feasting which they seemed very interested in as well.
  • My mind was clear in all that I was doing. On one hand the day was chaos, on the other hand it flowed with ease and a sharpness of mind that I can’t say I’ve experienced before.


I am definitely enjoying the progression of things! Looking forward to getting deeper and deeper into the cleansing transformations.

Blessed Love, Sweetest of Dreams, Chaya



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