Juice Feast Day 5

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I can feel the beginnings of that “energy shift” so many talk about happening after their first few days. You know, feelings like; I could go on this way forever (I’m not quite there yet), with a joy and vibrancy they have rarely felt. Yes I the seeds have been planted and there is movement afoot!

Was I an early riser today??? Well that would depend upon who you ask, according to my goal nope :0( But hey, tomorrow I get a brand new chance to follow my fullest bliss!

I got up around 8 a.m. today quickly ran through a brief version of my morning routine and shuffled my way to the kitchen for my famous de-bugging of the veggies (that’s why I prep and not me Father, he’s not QUITE as thorough as I). Daddy rolled out of bed and before you know it we were off. We’ve named our Green Star. Well, we asked her if she had a name, and believe it or not she did. If you asked my Father he said Matilda, however I could have sworn she said Sophia. We asked again, lo and behold all three of us agreed, Sophia it is. So now you know who and what I’m talking about when I mention our darling beloved Sophia. We like to praise her for all the great work she does for us, what a little powerhouse of an angel! For the next 2 hours here’s what we created:


4 Quarts: Celery, Cucumber Spinach, Apple, Ginger, Kale and Bok Choy

2 Quarts: Celery, Cucumber, Carrot, Apple, Parsley, Cilantro, Romaine

2 Quarts: Lemon, Grapefruit, Orange, Garlic and Ginger (Lovin’ that combo for sure)

Day 5

Supplements of the day:

2.5 tsp. Bee Pollen

1 Tbs. Spirulina

1.5 tsp. Vitamin ‘C’

I forgot my Hemp Oil :0( it was a long day!

Today was my first day back out in the world of food – don’t you worry, not even a drop entered my mouth, and that was not easy!

Before getting into the food stuff I want to mention that I enjoyed such a sweet peace and inner joy all morning. It was something I don’t remember experiencing before. There was a constant smile emanating from my heart, it was so lovely I thought I was smiling outwardly but my face was just relaxed. Just a sweet something I thought I would share.

FLowers of Peace

On to the day; if you read my Juice Feasting intro., you know that I am a Raw Food Chef (that might not have been in the intro. Maybe it was day 1, anyhow now you know). Up until now in the Juice Feast I hadn’t been dealing with food. So today I private chef for the folks who are building my website (Yay, I love great trades with awesome and talented people. Check them out www.jvmediadesign.com). It’s usually somewhere between a 4 and 6 hour day all about food prep. I was very nervous about this just before and during the first couple days of the Juice Feast. I mean, how in the world am I going to prepare the most delectable food on the face of the earth, without tasting a single bite? On top of the fact that being a chef is not just about knowing how to make food, it’s about knowing how to taste food, and bring that mouth watering balance of flavor to the table. Firstly I’m working with recipes and styles I’m already comfortable with, I did have my clients taste for me, and they said all was great nothing needed to be added or subtracted (which isn’t really possible with food; you add even if you want to subtract). My challenge was (as many of you can imagine) seeing the food, smelling the food, working with it, feeling a bit hungry at times and still dealing with the emotions associated with chewing, texture etc. I don’t want to go into too much detail as even hearing descriptions can be difficult in all stages for some. To save you from torture, I’ve chosen to create a page where you can look at photos from all the food I’ve made and will be making while feasting (if you should so choose). If it’s not up now it will be soon. Long story short I totally survived and thrived. It is absolutely possible and reasonable to do a juice feast while working in the food industry or just feeding you family.

Me gettin’ Juicy

I will create an article solely devoted to practices that can be used as meditations while preparing food on a juice feast. For instance one idea that came to mind was scent. We can be so moved by scents, when we smell a scent that we associate with food a hunger arises from deep within us. Not always a hunger, sometimes and probably more often than not a craving. However I truly believe that is because we have a memory associated with that scent. What if one were to put themselves into the state of mind that they never before ate these things as foods? They were all just fragrances. Some enjoyable some not enjoyable, like smelling a pine forest, a rose, an ocean, any scent you can think of that you don’t associate with eating. Imagine for the time being that food is your juice, all these other smells are just fragrances that you may stop to enjoy or you may move past quickly if they are not pleasant. I actually tried this and was very able to enjoy the smell of different foods without craving them. (Just a thought)

Other exciting news, my Father is starting to enjoy the juices. He is getting more in tuned with vegetables in general. Especially while he juices and see’s all that fiber from the veggies. He said something about if people knew how much fiber you could get from vegetables they wouldn’t eat anything else. Here’s a picture he wanted to take of all that wonderful pulp that is not in our bodies which is allowing us to cleanse, cleanse, cleanse!



Another thought of the day:

We are all products of Joy and Love. The act of procreating (or that which leads to procreation) is one that can bring a woman and a man to a peak level of unity and love; this is how we were created to create. Being microcosms of the Macrocosm or “Made in the Image of the Creator” then imagine if you can (even though none of us really can while in these corporeal bodies, perhaps on some level but???) the immense and Infinite Love and Unity that was manifest in order for us to be created or any of this creation to be. We are love our nature is a reflection of the Infinite, we are beyond our brightest dreams and visions of joy, beauty and peace. Now we just have to step out of the way and let it flow.

Glowing Heart

A prayer from St. Francis that I heard Wayne Dyer quote and I will use for my own prayers and in my own ways:

“Almighty Creator, make me into an instrument of your peace” HalleluYah!


I love that one.

Well Many Blessings and I look forward to hearing of all your awesome journeys and transformations as well. Sweet Dreams Laila Tov (Good Night!)


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