Juice Feast Day 4

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Once again its 10 pm not conducive to the 5:30 am wake up goal. I will get it one of these days, just you wait and see! Each day comes and I have a little more energy, a little more clarity and a little less craving; however I have felt an odd hunger in my core. I don’t think it’s the “real” thing as it will come just after and even during a quart of juice is gone or is going down. Without having the distraction of any food available, I seem to be mildly forced into looking at what may really be going on, but I’ll talk about that a little further down.

For now the morning routine:

As I mentioned I haven’t gotten the early wake up down yet, which also means, I haven’t gotten the early workout in, skin brushing and enema in either (they all come later and later in the day thus far). With a 7:20 wake up I leap out of bed with some words and thoughts of thanksgiving, morning bathroom and dressing ritual, and then it’s off to Juice for a sweet hour and a half. Today’s flavors were all good but one, yes this one I recommend NEVER trying out. It’s the second on the list, and I basically had to force myself to drink it.


Here they are:

Juice #1(I highly recommend this combo): Celery, Romaine, Apple, Parsley, Spinach and Ginger

Juice #2 (DO NOT try this at home) Cucumber, Baby Bok Choy, Cilantro, Carrots w/ Tops, Kale, Garlic

Juice #3 (Yummmmmmy!!!) Grapefruit, Orange, Lemon, Garlic and Ginger


1 Tbs. Bee Pollen

1 Tbs. Hemp Oil

2 Tbs. Intestinal Drawing Formula

3 Intestinal Movement Formulas

The list is growing :0)! My Zeolites should be arriving very soon, then MSM, and the list will continue to grow. I want to do it all!

It’s my third day of skin brushing and WOW is it amazing. I always had soft skin, but this is a whole other level. I am blown away every time I touch my own flesh. When I am brushing I can see the old stuff releasing and am thrilled to have my new skin revealed. On top of the 10-15 minutes it takes me, is time to love and appreciate my body affirming its perfection in every way as a divine creation here to serve a miraculous purpose. If you haven’t tried it out yet I highly, highly recommend it. Give it a few days and you’ll see what I mean (the stuff I am currently experiencing is just the superficial layer. Internally there are forces at work that far greater than soft skin and stimulation [although we love that too]).


Still slow in the BM’s but enema’s do work, if not at first try, and try again.

If that wasn’t personal enough here are a few thoughts, ideas, which came across today. I was thinking about the weight loss that is attached with doing this feast and how in my past whenever I’ve focused on losing weight, it (the weight) would always come back. This Juice Feast is really about optimal health, wellness and radiance. However, the fact that I will be losing weight and already have (although I will only weigh myself once a week or twice a month), can easily become a focus because it has been for so much of my life, and feels like dangerous ground. So I wrote about it a bit and this is what I was feeling:

“If it is just about losing weight, I’m likely to gain it back. If, it’s about instilling new habits and transforming my life on all levels, my entire being will reflect that internally and externally. That is what I believe we are all truly seeking when we look for and try to exude the material/physical/external “beauty”. Although we are trained to look at the shell of thing to determine what beauty is,  what we are truly searching for is a vibrancy and beauty that is eternal. When the shell is given its natural divinely created state and order, that eternal vibrancy and beauty is able to shine. What comes with that is physical balance and well being, certainty of purpose, inspired action, deep joy and contentment; this is beauty.”


At another time today I noticed I was constantly thinking about the Juice Feast. Here are some thoughts on that:

“I’m finding myself constantly thinking about the Juice Feast. My current challenge is to be present in the moment, know that I am completely nourished, and put my entire focus and alert attention on the subject matter of this present moment. For the next three month Juice Feasting is what I do and life must go on. It’s a constant lesson anyhow and here it arises again, be in the moment, give this moment your full awareness and attention. Live life fully!”

As I hinted at earlier a few feelings of deep hunger, where it’s coming from and one way of dealing with it:

“I go through feelings where I’m looking for something. It’s as if there’s a hunger in me, however it’s not true hunger. I just finished a quart of juice and yet there’s this emptiness. Normally I might feel a similar feeling and fill the space with food, now I notice that it’s not true hunger and I don’t have the food to turn to anyhow, nor do I need any more juice in this moment. I may need water, exercise, enema, meditation, or a walk in the fresh air. In the mean time a memory came to mind. It was about 21 years ago at the dentist. This particular dentist did not believe in novacane and needed to pull a tooth. Needless to say I was freaked out, but I knew it had to happen. In order to cope with the pain I came up with this statement “Pain is just a feeling I’m not used to”. It honestly helped and served other purposes throughout my life in many circumstances; perhaps not those same words, but something similar. Well, it worked once again. I don’t yet know what this feeling is about but I remember “This is just another feeling I’m not used t, I will adjust, I’ll be okay, I will survive and so, so, so much more”. Certain struggles may come up throughout the day. Without having food to turn to I have a glorious opportunity to find out what is really going on and to make more serving choices”.


Those are my thoughts for this day. With love and wishes for Holy wisdom filled dreams, Blessed, night!



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