Juice Feast Day 33 & 34

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If you happen to embark upon on a journey, any journey, and you find yourself in a place where you think “I don’t know if I can go on”, just wait – give yourself a day, two days, three days, breath and allow yourself to relax in any momentary discomfort. I truly believe that it will pass, the discomfort is a deep rooted emotion, memory, toxin, on any or many levels of being, releasing itself because you are creating an environment that no longer leaves room for it to dwell in you or with you. As I’ve said in a number of previous posts, just ride the waves as they come, realize that even if you fall, you will rise again even more prepared for the next wave that is naturally coming as the pulse of life and the breath of Divine speech infinitely exhales this creation as we know it and as we don’t know it (yet it is).


It’s that great spiral (perhaps) guiding our next step and experience. Yesterday is not much different than today is it? Other than the fact that we will never be there again, we will only and always continually be here. Yes, the spiral – a continual rise – can one truly ever fall? I don’t think so, I think every fall allows one to rise higher than would have previously been accessible. Some say the farther one falls the greater the potential, for one – no person is divinely guided, or chosen, or divinely chooses a task they cannot fulfill. AS a metaphor I’ve heard the further the plunge the deeper the pit. It is so interesting how every nuance of creation can be seen as a divine metaphor for the blue print of creation. “Those who have eyes to see let them see…”, I look forward to having the eyes to truly see. Imagine every falling leaf, waft of smoke, ripple of water, flame of candle, shooting star, from the most spectacular to the most seemingly insignificant or debased thing in creation tells the entire story, how~Wow!

Prepare yourself for greatness – open your eyes within the mundane – here is greatness – breath deep and know that it is!

The past two days have been somewhat delightful. A few new insights into my own body. I have become a bit desensitized to the feeling called hunger. This could be good, this could be not so good as well. On the good side – my body is so well nourished that it is not experiencing the same cravings that it was, if I get to hungry I begin wanting honey or something sugary and I know I need to drink my next juice. Food still sounds and looks amazing, all of it even more than before, but when I feel hungry I’m okay – there’s no panic, rush or need to get food into my system right away. My thought is that the addictive trigger to food is perhaps getting broken. The down side to all of this is that when i get busy it is easy to skip drinking and I end up not drinking all the juices I should throughout the day. Waking up earlier would certainly help, and I did have a 5:30 am goal, that one is still yet to come, however I am open and available for it’s presence in my life as soon as we are both ready to greet one another. The day will be so much more productive, it is a cycle I have been talking about for quite some time and seem to always find a reason to be up ’till 12 or 1 am (no good reasons usually either). Although tonight is definitely a good one, Luciano. If you haven’t heard of him and like conscious roots reggae you truly need to check him out. Then the Itals were playing on Tuesday evening, it’s been an entire birthday week. Such blessed music in my little town – well worth the late nights. Also, if you are a juice feaster and haven’t been out dancing, go, go, go! Perhaps not the first few weeks, but now that I am over the last hump, it feels so amazing to dance. I am full of electricity, vibrancy and joy – there is no better state to be in when you go to hear and dance to great, live music of your favorite genre.

Me gettin’ Juicy

I’ll give you a little update on the juices, sorry it’s been a while:

We are simplifying our juices for a while. The flavor was becoming a bit overwhelming, so rather than 6-9 veggies and fruits in a juice we are going for 4-5. This week the veggie juices will consist of:

Apple, Celery, Cucumber, Kale, Lemon, Carrot, Parsley and Romaine

We’ve found that those create very palatable combinations. As for the fruits we’re sticking with citrus although strawberries will be a special addition for a Shabbat juice. Perhaps a:

Strawberry, Pineapple, Tangelo juice with a splash of Lemon…yummmm! I love the sweet trat sort of thing!


Sun is Shinning (Vitamineral sort of thing)




Vitamin ‘C’ Powder

Phytoplanktin (gotta love that name)


Chanca Piedra Tea

I think that’s about it for now. I just started with the Chance Piedra for the liver cleanse. Yeah baby, that’s what I’m talkin’ about, we’ll just go through the full body cleanse while we’re at it. Three months of all juice, there doesn’t seem to be a better time!

So I’m still making a bunch of good live foods. Today it was Save the Salmon Nori Rolls, Teriyake Kale Chips and really nice looking Strawberry and Lemon Can’t believe it’s not Cheesecake. Here’s the deal, I’m warning you a picture is going to follow, if you have a weak constitution, are easily tempted and tantalized and are currently feasting, fasting, detoxing or otherwise, just scroll on down. If not, enjoy some pics of this weeks creations:

“I can’t believe it’s not cheesecake” was the title the recipients put on this one:


Nori Logs, looking all comfy and cozy. These puppies seem to be more tantalizing to me than anything else yet!


This is the save the Salmon Nori Roll plate with Teriyake Kale Chips. Love that smell!



It is on these scrumptious notes that I must bid you the sweetest of nights. There is a dance hall awaiting my presence and the great Luciano will guide me in deep and soulful dance filled meditation. In joy and high vibrations I dance for love and light, peace and freedom. In the name of Briana Waters and Family.

Peace and Blessed Love, Chaya



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