Juice Feast Day 3

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No lucid dreams that I recall over here, but one thing I can say is my sleep is much more sound than it was prior to the JF. Surprising because I would think with all the fluids I might constantly feel that urge, keeping me mildly awake all night long. That’s kind of what was happening before the JF. Now, I do wake up a couple of times but it’s from a deep sleep, with a complete fluid release and then back to a deep sleep. Insomnia was becoming quite a little issue with me; I will be very pleased if this shift keeps up.

I didn’t wake up at 5:30 this morning; it was actually 7:30, perhaps due to late nights of blogging. It is again a late-ish evening so tomorrow I’ll have to make a point of getting to the written word a bit earlier. The day is so much fuller (for me) when I can start a couple hours earlier.

This morning started with giving thanks, feeling quite alert (already hungry but manageable) washing my hands, face, teeth and bowls, then giving some more of that blessed thankfulness for this miraculous existence.

On to juicing; my Father and I are quickly getting the routine down. I clean, prep and come up with the daily concoctions he juices. And here he is Juicing!


 On the menu for today: (they were really good!)

Juice #1: Bok Choy, Parsley, Cucumber, Apple, Kale, Lemon

Juice #2 Spinach, Cilantro, Romaine, Carrots w/ Top’s, Ginger, Celery

Juice #3: Grapefruit, Lemon, Orange, Garlic (David and Katrina weren’t joking; this is actually a really nice combo.)

Today’s Supplements:

1 Tbs. Bee Pollen

2 tsp. E-3 Live

1 Tbs. Hemp Oil

After juicing and having some phone consultation, I went and did my skin brushing. What I noticed while skin brushing today is how much I have ignored my body in the form of acknowledging it for all that I’ve put it through and allowing this moment to be brand new in love and respect. A revelation dawned on me which was that I continued ’till current to look at myself as if I were in the same place as I was before I lost all of that weight. It’s been 14 years. David and Katrina made a video on day 2 explaining that our bodies are 98% brand new after 2 years and 100% new after 7. This is 14 years later my body is twice new, it’s high time I let go of the old and allow the new to shine. As I brushed my skin, I gave thanks, love, acknowledgement, and requested a complete release from anything that may be holding me in a memory and not in this present, inspired moment, with miracles ready to be revealed in every breath.


Psalm number 150 reads Kol Ha Neshama Tihallel Yah Halleluyah! This means, Every soul praises the Creator/Creationing/Infinite ONE Halleluyah (Praise Yah)! Another interpretation on the Hebrew word Neshama (Soul) is to read it Neshima (Breath). Therefore; with every “breath”, praise the Most High, Praise the Most High! With every breath we can contact the level of essence which transcends all thoughts, ideologies, conclusions and evanesce with the breath of life in that constant song of love, adoration, oneness, constant creation and being.




Getting back down to earth:

Today was much easier than yesterday in regards to emotions around eating and joy. I felt content for the most part without many food cravings although a few slipped in now and again. It wasn’t debilitating whatsoever (yesterday is another story). I did find that I was hungrier than I had been in the previous two days, but it wasn’t coupled with the feeling of loss and bewilderment that I was experiencing before. I felt a bit more grounded, focused and centered during my prayer/meditation time. It seems clear that as we move forward clarity and focus of mind with peace of heart will continue to improve.  

Just over the course of a few days pain is my body seems to have decreased immensely. My BM’s are irregular and I actually experienced some cleansing reactions after an enema. This would have been a great situation to do another enema, I chose not to. I drank a bunch of water and read a book until I felt better.

Another issue that was heavy on my mind yesterday was my work and these coming three months. See, I am a raw food chef. At first I thought I will have to find something else, that isn’t impossible but quite impractical. Today I am feeling much more confident about being absolutely fine with preparing food, not tasting and most likely even teaching some classes. This Juice Feast is very much about being able to stay in the world and experience a cleansing transformation while fulfilling every day life. Preparing the food and getting past any desires/cravings could be incredibly healing as well. I will let you know how it’s going along the way…perhaps even include some photo’s of my creations…well maybe you’re not so enthusiastic about that. As my blog grows I can include that in other pages and you can choose to look or not.

Wishing you all the greatest of radiance on all levels, blessed dreams!



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