Juice Feast Day 23 “My Path”

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Have you ever had a lucid dream, but you feel like all you can think to do is fly? You fly, it’s great – then you wake up and think….wow I could have done so much more. Here we are in our own dream – what is so much more – right here and right now (?), because I want to do it before I wake! My path and journey could be paved by my surroundings, or, my path and journey can pave my surroundings. I want to live lucid, dream lucid, be lucid in all ways shapes and forms. Awake, aware, and in aligned flow through all levels of my beingness.

That’s this moments train of thought, mainly inspired by a night of music from my not too distant (but still distant) past. Some friends came to town and played a sweet show, that had me dancing in my own little corner. It’s been year’s since I did that. Don’t get me wrong I’ve done a lot of dancing – mainly to reggae – in large crowds, but this was different. This was my creative expression, coming alive through my heart and melting it’s way with rhythmic passion out my body and limbs. The group is Qadim and I’ll link the picture to their website. If you like Near Eastern music from Africa, through the Middle East to India, you will love what they offer. A diverse offering of traditional music and styles from a vast peoples usually only identified by the violence and hate in those regions. Here is a message of love and unified emotion as spoken through some heavenly and masterful music and musicianship.

Today has been a day of catch up and relaxation. Dancing was truly a highlight and reminded me of how important that form of expression is for me – not only to do, but to perform. I don’t know when, how or in what form, but performance very likely has a place in my future.

Juiciness is in a great flow right now, and as had been expressed by David, and expected – many hidden feelings and emotions are being uncovered, one of which you just heard (in regards to dancing). Also the synchronicities are beginning to show up more and more, by day and by nighty-night. My dreams are getting much more vivid and semi lucid. My body is yearning for more exercise, stretching, meditation etc. and that makes me very happy. I know that to get to where I am an expression of my essence, I must push and go beyond the comfort zone, to reshape my body mind, and chizle it’s form to be a proper dwelling place for the spirit it’s been entrusted to.

The body isn’t the real me or you, it’s the housing. That helps me when it comes to pushing beyond – because it’s the house that creeks and squeals – this due to the fact that we haven’t properly cared for it thus far. That’s not really us, the pain or discomfort is not your essence, it’s okay to push your body past it’s comfort zone, it will begin to realize it’s divine potential or birthright and help you in your motion for growth and physio/spiritual unity. So push, go beyond, if your slouching force your body upright and when it squeals realize that this is fine, it will pass and soon you will be one who sits upright, with poise and elegance – like the soul that dwells with it for this time and timeless moment.


My Father is doing so well, who’d of thunk it. My Daddy and I juice feasting together, 23 days now and 69 to go. Is that right??? He’s looking very fit and seems to have more and more energy. Inspired is a great word for him, he’s discovered or I should really say rediscovered his dream, and let me tell you it fit’s so perfectly – when he first mentioned it I knew this was and is truly his path. My step Mother Darlyne, before she left her physical body was very excited about the thought of my coming to be with my Father after her elevation from this body plane. She asked if I come to teach him about healthy food and help him to learn how to prepare healthy meals and live a healthy lifestyle. There is no doubt in my mind that our angel Darlyne is helping us both on this road and has helped to pave the way for our mutual support thus far.

Thank you Darry, we love you and miss you so very much, still we are beyond happy and proud for you on your journey and graduation beyond space and time!


The above painting was made by Mara Friedman (the painting is linked to her website) in honor of Darlyne and is titled “Return Home My Angel”

May we all have the holiest of dreams, surrounded by our loved ones near and far, inspired and entrusted with the awakened wisdom, to return home here and now.

Blessings, Light and Love Infinite, Chaya



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