Juice Feast Day 2 “Breakin’ the Cravin'”

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Today was my first day to start skin brushing and it really feels nice. I am definitely looking forward to seeing some shifts in the texture and elasticity of my skin overall, and I know that skin brushing and MSM will play a large role in seeing that one manifest. The day started out around 6:30 am (my goal is to begin waking up at 5:30…slowly, slowly). It started with giving thanks, skin brushing, a shower, some more giving thanks, a hefty quart of lemon water (I’m still waiting on receiving my MSM) and by 7:30 it was time to start juicing. With my Father and I working together it only takes about an hour and forty minutes from beginning to end for 2 Gallons of juice. WooHoo!


Grapefruit Art

Our juices for today consisted of:

4 Quarts: Carrot, Grape, Cilantro, Romaine, and Lemon (it may sound strange, but it was really good)

2 Quarts: Kale, Parsley, Apple, Spinach, and Bok Choy (also a really great combo)

2 Quarts: Grapefruit, Orange, Lemon and Ginger (definitely my favorite of the day)


2 tsp. Bee Pollen

1 Tbs. Hemp Oil

Daily Flow:

Neither of us felt very hungry upon waking up and by the time I felt the first real pangs of hunger that quart of green juice was tasting mighty fine!

I experienced quite a bit of emotional surfacing today. Some around food and the feelings I associate with eating, like joy, fun, excitement. There are many attachments around food and eating that I was slightly aware of but are becoming more and more visible. For instance, although I feel full and satisfied I still crave…..Ahh thank you, creator for showing me what a craving is, and what is true hunger or need for nutrition. May I and all of us be sealed with the knowledge and determined action of healthful eating for the purpose of serving the highest good! Another one is I feel lost, like what to do? I look so forward to food; it almost seems to exciting to me. Granted I am a chef, I love food, but to feel as though the joyful moments are gone because I don’t get to munch, well that is way too extreme. Thank you again Creator and Creationing for expanding my awareness of joy, inspiration and creation. Now I can recognize how much importance and energy I give to food (don’t get me wrong, a certain amount is natural, but this is a little over the edge) May we all be blessed from on high to utilize the energy of life for the highest purpose with every moment and be able to discern between true creative flow and habitual indulgence.

My organs of elimination are not moving with quite the flow as others out there, so tonight I will take some Intestinal Movement Formula, use an enema first thing in the am and see where I’m at tomorrow.

I hope you are all feeling strengthened and determined.


nighty night

May we all rest deeply and experience the most lucid and divine dreams. Blessings and good night.


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