Juice Feast Day 15 “Memories”

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My experience this Shabbat is very different than that of last. Last week, I seemed to feel settled with my juices to the extent that it felt quite freeing not to have food to think about. My prayers, meditations and studies were much more vibrant and focused than had been in the recent past. This week however was nearly the opposite. It was more difficult for me to focus and I felt a great longing for friends, family and the sort of celebration that is usually shared on Shabbat. However thinking about it now, I am made more aware that it’s not just the food aspect but also being in a more solitary environment, which I have been for a while, juice feasting or not. Solitary is a blessing when I know that now is the time for introspection, reflection and self discipline. If I use this time wisely then perhaps the self discipline practiced will be habit in action when I have more family, friends, partnerships etc. surrounding me.


Sadly the juices have been less than enjoyable and I really think that is due to forcing myself to drink those juices that I did not enjoy very much, mainly beet and anything with red bell pepper. It put a negative association into my mind that seems to be stimulated even now that I am not adding those ingredients. I’ve chosen to take some time off of mixing spirulina and hemp oil into my juices, those also seem to make it more difficult for me to enjoy (it makes them more enjoyable for my Father, to each their own). For a few days it will just be combinations I’ve always enjoyed and a simplification of supplementations. My love for the juices will be restored, have no fear!

The one thing that felt excellent today was the ability and choice to sleep in. Wow, now that can be so, so healing. Whenever I allow myself to sleep in a bit I notice my skin is softer, my eyes are more clear and the day seems to sing a more inspired tune. On a day to day I definitely support a minimum personal required sleep time with an early rise, oversleeping can also be the opposite of what we think.

This weeks Torah portion was very relevant (for me) to the juice feast. It’s whole focus was on the different types of offerings, and the different alters for offering. Some of you may be rolling your eyes at the thought of this, but it’s truly all in the interpretation. Yes animal sacrifices, of so many types. So what does this mean? The animal represents the base instinct/emotions (within all of humanity) which without direction will do whatever might feel good. However there should be an “Aish Tamid” a continual fire burning for the Source of all Creation, a longing to be ever connected to, and in flow with, or in service of our Source and Essence. This is the fire on the alter, our free will gives us the choice to offer up some base animal instincts in order to be of higher service. There are many types of urges that represent different animal characteristics that are appropriate for offering at precise times in our evolution. At the moment I feel the choice to juice feast and deny the “cravings” and “habitual yearnings” that arise is an offering of a certain base nature. In order to be the instrument of my ultimate divinely given purpose it is of utmost importance that I can offer these sacrifices and keep the fire burning. In response the heavenly fire will come down and lift the base burdens from me as a “pleasing odor” and allow me to move forward to higher and higher works of service.


This Shabbat the animal in me was fighting, I didn’t give in and will continue with strength and zeal to cleanse, purify and rebuild.

If you read yesterdays post then you know well what we were drinking today but just in case;


Here’s what was on the Shabbat menu:

Juice #1: Celery, Cucumber, Apple, Parsley, Kale, Lemon, Radish w/Tops

Juice #2: Carrot, Yam, Celery, Cucumber, Romaine, Broccoli, Apple, Bok Choy

Juice #3: (Shabbat Special) Pineapple, Orange (Yummmmm)

Juice #4: Kiddush = Fresh Grape Juice

As I said earlier juices have been more difficult to take down, today I added some Celtic Sea salt and it really added some depth and enjoyability. It also satisfied some cravings for cooked food that were really coming up especially being that Shabbat is when I would have cooked food.

So if you’re gettin’ the urge try a little Himalayan sea salt, Sole, or Celtic sea salt. It will help with the craving and it’s a great way to re-mineralize and help your cell walls to absorb all the nutrients your taking in from the juices.



Vitamin ‘C’ Powder


E-3 Live

Detox Tools:

None. today was Shabbat and I let all rest, however things were still moving if ya know what I mean…

I think I forgot to mention that I did do a weigh in on Friday (my one day a week weigh in) and I have currently lost a total of 9 lbs.my Father has lost 12 lbs. It’s feeling good and I really look forward to feeling great and even so much better than that, so much better than I could currently imagine!



One reflection that brings me back to center is that right here is perfect.

Whatever it may be, right now is just as it should be.

I bring my attention to a more subtle vibration, that of an unadulterated place of knowing.

I look for a feeling, any feeling, how is my essence feeling right now?

What always comes back is “Confidence, Peace, Joy, Perfection, Love”, those and so much more.

When I check in, I know that I am not only in line,

but I am being guided and taken care of every step of the way.

What is guiding me isn’t necessarily outside of me either,

it is an intrinsic part of my being that knows,

“all is well”.

So, I continue on my journey looking forward to all the shifts and turns……for the better. At this point the most important elements seems to be patience, and tenacity, patience and tenacity. Deep breaths, compassion, laughter, supportive friends and inspiring teachers and guides.

With Love and Blessings, may we all be filled with Courage and Inspired Action.
Sweetest Dreams, Chaya



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