Juice Feast Day 14 “Welcoming the Shabbat”

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Shabbat is coming and we had a lot of juice to prepare. If you are new to the blog, I observe the Sabbath which means many things one of them being I prepare all my Shabbat needs the day before, and from sundown Friday to star rise Saturday it is the day of rest. Perhaps I will blog about that later so people will have something to reference when I speak about this Holy and Awesome Day!

In preparation we took 3 hours to prepare all of our juicy needs for today and tomorrow. I can’t speak for my Father but it was the most enjoyable juicing session yet, part of which came from the fact that for the first time we had some beautiful background music. I highly recommend this, so much more joyful! Today’s soundtrack was Mali to Memphis. I love that African music and and the American progression, so sweet and moving. This juice is filled with philosophical conversations, uncontrollable laughter, and tons of fun. Sophia (our Green Star), got over heated so we put her int he freezer and let her cool down. She’s okay, thanks for the concern!

Hey I forgot to mention, today is two weeks…woohooo! We’re doing so well. My Father and I both are feeling really fantastic! I am more and more amazed by the massive amounts of vegetables we take in every day, chick this out and this is probably only enough for a quart and a half:


Isn’t that inspiring! Here are a couple more we made some of our regular citrus/garlic juice (sounds strange but it’s really tasty) and (drum roll), a special Shabbat treat (we always should have something special to honor the holiness of the Sabbath) Pineapple YAY (applause). Yes a special pineapple and orange juice plus a fresh grape juice to make Kiddush (a prayer over the wine to sanctify the day).


All I can say is we are ever so thankful and so, so blessed. Blessed is the Creator and Sustainer of all things! Here are a couple of pics of me and my Daddy. we can be kinda silly!




Can you tell I like pictures. It is beginning to look like candle lighting time, so in a bit of a haste;

Here are the juices for and tomorrow:

Juice #1: Celery, Cucumber, Apple, Parsley, Kale, Lemon, Radishes w/Tops

Juice #2: Carrot, Yam, Baby Bok Choy, Broccoli, Celery, Cucumber, Romaine, Apple

Juice #3: Citrus Blend w/ Garlic

Special Shabbat Juice: Orange and Pineapple (Yummm)

Grape Juice For Kiddush

Here’s a shot of all the Juices:


And in the making:


Shabbat Juices with the Special Kiddush Grape Juice:


It is time to go and do what I have been talking about and welcome the Holy Sabbath Queen. Thank you for joining me through this week and time of transformation. My Blessings of Love, Life and Light are ever with you. May we all receive the shining revelations of true wisdom for now and all timeless reality.

Blessed Love and Shabbat Shalom Kodesh (In Holiness)



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