Juice Feast Day 13 “A New Day”

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Please take a moment to read “Juice Feast Day12”. The info. it contains is very near and dear to my and many hearts.


It was once again our massive produce pick up day. We are starting to get the hang of it bit by bit, although I have yet to bag everything up and put it in the fridge. Soon, soon.

One thing is for certain, the flow of juice feasting takes some time to settle into; an early wake up, downing a quart of water with lemon, vitamin ‘C’, and MSM, enema, skin brush, hot and cold shower, my daily prayer/meditation routine, some form of a.m. exercise (I have yet to throw that one into the mix), pulling and guessing at the amount of veggies necessary for the days juice, cleaning and prepping (and as a kosher woman cleaning veggies is an extensive project), gratefully my Father does the juicing and clean up. It is so helpful to have a partner in juicing! Then of course there is still everyday life, and with all the research and information made available on JuiceFeasting.com, the days just seem to fly by. Three months will have come and gone before I know it. Tomorrow is already 2 weeks, unbelievable! With this type of disciplined practice, I am certain that we will walk away from this with some truly righteous habits. I have been saying for so long that I want to wake up earlier and get to bed earlier, well I am still waking up a bit later than my goal of 5:30, but it’s coming and by the two month mark I feel confident a new and healthy sleep pattern will be enforced.

Although I forgot to get a photo of the glorious juices today I did get a shot of the produce boxes I put together:


In order to help with the expense of buying such large quantities of organic produce, I offer a produce delivery service to people in the area. They get their produce for 20-30% less than in market prices and I get to make bulk orders and save on our own purchases on top of that. It is quite a bit of extra planning and work but well worth it for the time being. We order all our produce from the Organically Grown Company, a local co-op run by some really sweet folks!

Here’s what was on the menu for today:

Juice #1: Kale, Carrots w/tops, Lettuce Mix, Red Bell Peppers, Garnett Yam, Cucumber, 1 Green Apple (Dad gave this one three thumbs up, and that’s in his own words:0))

Juice #2: Cucumber, Celery, Broccoli, Green Apple, Parsley, Baby Bok Choy, Radish w/tops, Romaine (This was definitely one my favorite so far)

Juice #3: Grapefruit, Orange, Apple, Garlic



Hemp Oil

Bee Pollen


Vitamin ‘C’ Powder

Intestinal Movement Formula


Yes, the list is growing, and I am shrinking, YAY! Tomorrow is my weigh in and my clothing is fitting more loosely than I remember. As I’ve mentioned before my purpose here is not solely to lose weight, actually that is not my purpose at all. There is weight to loose, but that will come about naturally as my body moves further into health and vibrancy, which is what this is all about (for me).

So, how have I been doing? If your read day 12 then you know that I have been a little preoccupied mentally and emotionally. Blogging has been quite therapeutic as I have used it a bit like a journal (something I only did sporadicly in the past) and after writing yesterday’s post, calling on all to hold visions of love and poetically expressing my thoughts and feelings a sense of peace rested on me. Since then I’ve been feeling more and more thankful, inspired, clear and directed.

There were a few days of emotional cloudiness and darkness. I’ve come to learn that if we can just sit with those feelings, stay committed to our purpose, and tenacious with our disciplines, the darkness passes and we persevere. There is always sunshine behind the clouds and soon the storm will have past. Especially when doing any sort of a cleanse things come up (as I spoke about on day’s 9 or 10) that may try and convince us to quit, or bring up some darkness that we don’t feel ready to deal with it. If it comes up you can bet we’re ready whether we think so or not, and if we compassionately work with ourselves resolution, revolution and revelation will prevail.


I continue to receive inspiration from those who have come before and who are presently arising and expressing words of wisdom. It is so important to keep near to us people, books and voices of inspired truth.

Thank you for being there to inspire me to write this journey of transformation. You help me to see what I need to see within my own experience.

Continue Strong. Blessed Love, Chaya


















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