Juice Feast Day 12 “Reflections on Beauty”

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Today had it’s extreme ups and downs. Some affects of the juice feast others not. I am beginning to feel my body changing and I am beginning to notice my energy shift. Those are definitely affects of Juice Feasting, on the other hand I have been sickened by our judicial system who last week wrongly convicted a dear friend of mine of arson, and after years of her maintaining her innocence and going along with their every request has been denied the right to spend the next 2.5 months with her 3 year old daughter and partner, until sentencing which is said to be 5-20 years. She was a part of the Earth Liberation Front, and was not involved with this crime. Two women who were facing 35 year sentences gave Briana’s name to shorten their own sentences to 3-7 years. The evidence used against her according to her lawyers should never have been accepted and she is being used to make a point as there is a new terrorist law against environmental extremists. She is being convicted as a terrorist.


Briana is an amazing violinist a beautiful friend, and person in general. Her smile could warm up a room and there is nothing violent about her. Without getting heavy into negativity, I know there is a reason for everything, however my friend deserves to be with her family, friends, and loved ones. I have a request, look at this picture above and visualize her holding her little girl, embracing her partner, playing with her friends, bringing immense joy and a wealth of beauty into the world. Hold thoughts of freedom,unity, love, laughter, and sweet resonating life song. Visualize the tears of joy and the embraces of justice between her and her loved ones. Pray for her release to come now. Please take five minutes, my deep heartfelt thanks. I ask you to feel the joy, feel the pleasure of family, feel the level of thanks, and let anything else go, as I will, and do. Love brings, Love, Joy brings Joy, we emanate the vibration of Freedom and Freedom is manifest. Think of Briana and spread more love and more joy into the world. Please think of Briana and for her sake perform random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty. Give charity in her name, take on something that will heighten the quality of your life, go out into the world and be peace, if someone offends you smile and let it go, spread more love, more joy, more beauty. Thank you, Thank You!


There is darkness in the world, yet there is no blame to be placed.

The most we can do is take responsibility.


From the dawning of creation, light and dark, cold and hot, here and there.

What is separation, let’s think back, way back, but wait…

Is there any moment but here and now?

Wedged into the beginning is also the end,

and still neither really exist.

If we are here now, we were there then.

We made the choice and continue to make the choice of all reality.

Although beyond a distant memory it may all seem,

there is a place, a quiet center that knows….

Love can be found in taking responsibility.

Perhaps not your body, and perhaps another, but deeper than all that,

we are one.

I apologize for all the violence, and I ask to be forgiven.

When was it that I forgot my source?

But that was probably the point,

and now we can find our way home.

Now, we can be home.

Now we are home.


I did drink some very enjoyable juices today and will share a photo of those. I took my supplements and used my detox tools, and am ever thankful for this fluid journey, into the core of my being. Thank you for being my witnesses in love, light and respect!




Blessed Journeys to all. In Love and Bold, Courageous Action. Shalom, Shalom, Chaya Ryvka






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