Juice Feast Day 1

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Shabbat Kodesh

This first day of juice feasting has been quite a revealing and serendipitous experience. Serendipitous because it happens to fall on Shabbat (the Hebrew Sabbath also known as the day of rest); I observe this practice which means a number of different things from a physical to a very spiritual perspective. On the physical level, all my food for Shabbat is prepared the day prior. Luckily I have a “Green Star Juicer” which due to the mastication process preserves more nutrient and enzyme integrity than any other juicer I have heard about. So before Sundown Friday afternoon my Father and I (my Father as you’ll get to know is doing this juice feast with me along with all those other folks participating in the global juice feast of 2008) spent about 2 hours getting all our juices ready to go for “Welcoming the Shabbat”.


Here’s what was on the menu for each of us on day 1:

2 Quarts: Celery, Cucumber, Kale, Parsley, Apple and Lemon Juice.

1 Quart: Spinach, Carrot, Cilantro, Baby Bok Choy and Romaine Juice.

1 Quart: Grapefruit, Orange and Ginger Juice.

Juice Feast Day 1

I also made some fresh grape juice for making “Kiddush” (A prayer that is usually said over wine to acknowledge and sanctify the day of rest before the evening and afternoon meals). Shabbat felt like a really good day to start because for one, the day is all rest, prayer, reading, meditation and usually a nice big meal. That was very different, rather than a meal I made “Kiddush” over my grape juice and sat down for a nice quart full of green juice and munched on some bee pollen (I can see how that bee pollen is definitely going to be something I look forward to as we progress in the process). It gave me a spacious time outside of work to experience my body’s reaction. Shabbat is a day of transcendence, a day when the higher levels of our soul are brought into a further awakened state in this physical/material dimension. Shabbat is a day of beyond, beyond the mundane, beyond building, beyond working; it is the day of sanctification. What a better way than this to sanctify the beginning of a brand new life. With the strength of all Creation at peace we are guided and we propel.

A couple down to earth experiences on this first day:

Firstly, the night before I was dreaming all night about eating. The foods I was going for in my dreams aren’t even foods I eat in waking life. I am currently a 100% Raw/Vegan (vegetarian for those who exclude bee products from a vegan diet). In my dreams I was going for ice cream smoothies and really out of hand foods from fast food type places in an airport terminal. Well, throughout the dream I kept reminding myself “wait you can’t do that it’s the first day of the juice feast” and then the whole routine would happen again. Luckily I woke up; it was all a dream…phew! Although you could say I was in an airport and now I have taken off, I didn’t however go for anything but the most nutritious foods ever, tasty too I should add (I am a raw food chef so one would hope so).

Although I rarely experienced real “hunger”, I found myself craving a crunch or munch or soft bite of something. I can see now that over the course of three months I will truly have a grasp on what is really hunger and what is boredom or craving. Other than food the other mild addiction (if one would call it that) that I have is my hot tea with creamy nut milk and honey every morning. The tea is normally green tea and I have decided that throughout this process to just cut out all forms of caffeine. So that was another interesting feeling. I didn’t get any sort of headaches but I did go back to bed in the early afternoon and slept for a couple of hours (again the beauty of it being Shabbat). As far as struggles that is about it for today (not that I’m looking for any to creep in or anything). I actually had fewer BM’s today than normal and will begin with the skin brushing and enemas tomorrow. I expect that will change rapidly especially with IMF.

If you want to hear a little more of my background, check out the article entitled “A Herstory in Brief”.

Off we go to a great start, Blessings and so much love on the journey of forever!


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