Intermittent Fasting & Night Eating Journal : Nights 28 – 30

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Tonight is the final night (night 30) of my first Living Vision Agreement. The past 4 weeks have been enlightening on many levels. My desire to break the habit of eating and over eating/indulging in the late night hours has absolutely begun. I dare not say I Have Done It, because although the practice has become easy and gladly anticipated there are still cravings that come up. Without the structure of a personal agreement not to eat after 7 pm, I feel at this point old patterns could too easily re-emerge. What that means is that as I go forward into my next agreement the 7 pm cap on food will move forward with me as a part of that agreement (which will be posted in the next few days).
The general results of a 14 hour fast period (7 pm – 9 am) and 10 hours non-fast period without a structured diet (some really great healthy foods and some not as you may have read in the previous post) has been multi-faceted. Here’s a basic bullet point of the changes I experienced:


  • A greater sense of inner peace, self respect, self empowerment 
  • More motivation to keep the momentum of transformation going
  • Drinking a green juice first thing in the morning most mornings
  • Better sleep
  • A leaner figure (I do not have a scale, but I did lose more than a bit of weight) 
  • The sense that I could “indulge” more freely without worry of weight gain 
  • A realization of an addictive pattern and the use of food as a means to feel a sense of emotional fullness

That second to last bullet point probably has to do either with a boosted metabolism or that I wasn’t able to pack as many calories in per day whether I was indulging or not. The over indulgence however, is not something that I am proud of, but it is something I was taking advantage of, and led to a greater sense of awareness as to how and why I use foods in an addictive manner. 

I am in the process of accepting that there are many layers to my relationship with food. There seem to be lots of people out there who can take their eating and health issues by the horns, and change their lives with an  overnight dietary shift. Personally, I may do better in ticking off one un-serving habit at a time, while noticing and bringing attention to the underlying issues as they surface. 

 Although I have had periods of 3+ months all raw, or sugar free, or juice feasting, I have consistently come back to old patterns in challenging times. There is a divine timing in such transformations. One has to be ready for that great death and renewal of so intensely releasing old patterns and taking on new ones.

The surge to transformation is powerfully moving through me. As if I am bathing in some warm tropical ocean, with the full Moon above my head and a steady pushing and pulling of the lunar current through the waters surrounding me. A soft and deep call bellowing to me from Eternity, asking me to allow It’s Light freedom of expression through my vessel of life. These agreements are my slow and steady steps toward coming into that allowing.

My aim in taking this 30 day approach to transformation is to establish new patterns slowly. Bit by bit re-patterning myself emotionally, and physically feels the most honorable and stabilizing.

Being a mother and wife makes this a much more realistic approach. My somewhat unnoticeable shifts will be easier in easing my family into healthier patterns. Like, for instance since I am no longer eating after 7 pm, everyone is having dinner before 7 pm, which is huge for us. An old pattern was to feed my son early on, and then get him to bed around 7:30, cook dinner after that and sit down to eat between 9 and 10. Now we are all sitting down as a family around 6:30 which is a bonding and deeply nourishing experience in itself.

Emotionally I can honestly say I am all gratitude. The night eating habit has been a ball and chain keeping me from the frequency of vitality that is our ultimate birthright. Having gone this far I am clear that I need to continue until the habit is not only broken, but the new way is solidified.

I will definitely continue to post my progress with night eating, and most likely make it a part of my next agreement in order to keep myself fully accountable. I thank you once again for joining me and holding a spirit of support.

If ever you would like to join me in a 30 day practice or start your own and have me as a support I welcome you to share here or to shoot me an email.

In Love,

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