Intermittent Fasting & Night Eating Journal: Night 15, Slippery Slope Confession

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You can read about the original Intermittent Fasting & Night Eating AgreementHERE.

Two weeks in, and for the most part feeling great. Yes, I’m still working on cleaning up my sweet eats during the daylight hours as I have an indulgent afternoon habit knowing I won’t be getting nighttime num-nums. But my body has been getting leaner, i’ve been feeling much more in control emotionally, less anxious when it comes to my evening activities without the enticing edibles, and my sleep has been more restful, deep and satisfying.

Now we come to night 15 – dun, dun, duuun…….. and I must make a confession in keeping myself accountable and honest as I ride the waves of this adventure. So here it is, my husband invited a guest for dinner, we shopped, I prepared and dinner wasn’t ready until 7 pm – I gave myself an evening pass. Although I agreed that if 7 pm rolled around and I had not eaten it would be a fast night, tonight felt different. It would be strange to have a guest, feed them but not eat myself. I’m sure they would have gotten over it, but for the sake of everyone’s ultimate comfort and enjoyment I gave myself the pass. It was 9 pm before the meal was complete, and because i gave myself the pass I also decided to partake in a couple late night cookies….ugh!!!By the time I got to bed it was a little after 11 pm, and my belly still felt slightly full. My sleep was disturbed, not very deep and when I woke up in the morning I still had that not empty feeling in my belly. The fact that I am half way through the month long agreement and have had this experience gives me fortitude in completing the month and perhaps taking it as long as I need to, to make not eating at night my new habit. The difference in the way that I feel when I don’t eat at night verses how I felt when I did is night and day.

Although feeling hungry is uncomfortable, I’m not that hungry, and now (after last nights indulgence) I notice that the slight hunger comes along with a lightness not only of my body, but also of my heart and mind. It’s a feeling of satisfaction that I am honoring my body and treating myself well. When I trade that sort of satisfaction for the satisfaction of food I end up with a sense of emptiness, sadness and guilt. Slight hunger is well worth the emotional trade off! 
That’s my big slippery slope confession. It really isn’t a slippery slope though, I feel so good with the regimen I have created for myself that this incident is more fuel for my fire and I am grateful for the added clarity it brought. 
Moving forward with great respect for the journey!

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