Hodie’s Corner May 2011

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Can it actually be??? Why yes, it is true – May is the Month of my sons birth! Quite unbelievable that in just a couple of short weeks we will be celebrating Hodayah Aketriel’s 1st birthday…..WOW!!! May 23rd at 1a.m. Hodie and I made the final pushes ushering in a brand new era and experience of life, love and self discovery. Perhaps a birth story will be coming and a synopsis of this past year filled with long days and yet has flown by SO very quickly!

In any case, as you can see Hodayah now has 8 whole teeth and is using them very, very well! He is loving all sorts of textures and flavors – no Hodie is not shy to try something new, but if he doesn’t like it he will very matter of factly push it out of his mouth. Although I would LOVE to say his days and nights are filled with green smoothies, green juices and avocado’s it’s just not the whole truth. Hodayah does get his green drinks, and is still eating avocado’s like there’s no tomorrow. He has also found a great liking to cucumber spears – Yay for cukes – we love you!!! However in all honesty, with this level one dessert class series he has had his fill of raw mylk shakes too – and yes, he absolutely LOVES them. I try to at least throw in some green powder of some sort, and sweeten things with stevia as often as possible. Luckily he has enjoyed those green stevia sweetened treats just as much as a date or honey sweetened one…wooohoooo!

I must admit, I don’t want him to get too used to the sweet stuff. I try to make sure he has a chance to learn and love the bitter or tart flavors as well as the savory and sweet. A few days ago I picked up a container ofLydia’s green energy soup. In all honesty it’s kind of on the bland side, but really nice and green/alkalizing etc. Its tart with lemon and creamy from avocado with a nice kale undertone. Earlier that day Hodie had gone banana’s for a Mylk shake I made for his Daddy, so I thought the green soup would be a nice balance. Well Hodie didn’t quite agree….I gave him a sip and green went pouring forth from his mouth accompanied by the cutest “sour” face you have ever seen. But, I tried again and soon he was sipping away – probably because I was gulping away and hey – if Mommy love’s it – it MUST be good….right? This time around it worked, and that made me feel good. We will continue to balance the sweet and savory with greens hoping he will continue to enjoy it all!

Green soups are easy and very energizing and refreshing especially as the weather gets warmer. you can try your own by placing a chopped cucumber, half an avocado, some fresh celery or celery juice, a little lemon juice, sea salt, and any fresh herbs that sound great – cilantro is a nice one…blend, blend, blend….drink and enjoy! Find a delicious¬†Creamy Cilantro Soup recipe here. It’s my ¬†adaptation from one of Elaina Love’s recipes….so yummmmmmy! So much summer fun to come – we look forward to sharing!


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