Waxing and Waning in Living Vision

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If you are at all like me you are passionate about your health and wellness, living a full and vibrant life, yet find yourself taking a few steps forward and a couple steps back as you traverse life’s winding roads. So how do “Living Vision” and  our “forward and back steps” coalesce?

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Having given it a bit of thought, I see “Vision” as expressing an ideal state of being that is reached somewhere in the future. To quote Ralph Waldo Emerson “Life is a journey, not a destination.”

“Living” then, is the journey and “Vision” is an  image of  our ultimate expression (in other words, a destination). Living Life brings me farther into Vision. It is the dynamic force on this journey that allows me to redefine, refine, and more transparently  perceive the “Vision”, the purest expression of Consciousness/Self/Soul/Harmony.

From this vantage point I am truly Living Vision, as we always are, even if we don’t feel the clarity of vision at the moment. Right now in my life, the physical, mental and emotional waxing and waning I experience, has a backbone and rhythm that fuels a continued upward spiral.

It is this pulse that keeps me moving forward, guiding me on my journey along the  lush trail where I can hear the wind announcing life within life, the trees whispering the secrets of longevity, and the buzz of all living things singing the song that awakens the Soul – Harmony.

At some point I will be more persistent about those practices that help me stay balanced, eating an alkaline diet, exercising regularly, getting plenty of restful sleep, staying well hydrated, expressing myself creatively, and continuing my education through seminars and courses of interest.

There are times in life when it is not as easy to maintain the practices that support our ultimate well-being. In my life right now my 2 year old keeps me up many nights; the foods I desire are not easily accessible; and there are the added stresses of life and family challenges. At these difficult times It is via a number of regular practices that I remain centered and grounded, and the backbone and rhythm I spoke about earlier are further empowered. I like to call it my “Treasure Chest of Tools”  – things that I have gather and which I continue to update as I get more information.

Here’s a list of resources from my Treasure Chest:

  1. Bringing awareness to my posture and breath.
  2. Going into nature and meditating on the harmonic sounds and colors of life.
  3. Praying in nature via song, pouring out my heart, speaking to my soul, speaking to the Oneness of All that Is.
  4. Daily practice of the 5 Tibetans.
  5. Daily practice of breathing the Universal Life Energy into my body, and bringing my awareness to the Unity of all life.
  6. Dancing my Heart Out.
  7. Staying in Compassion and Gentleness with myself and my process.
  8. Seeking out Inspiring Teachers on Youtube.
  9. Coming back to my heart and to a feeling of Love (it will always be a guiding light).
  10. Cleaning and Organizing my Space.

This list keeps me facing the right direction, keeps the floodgates for light, grace and life force open to flow through me and further me into harmony. Then when circumstances permit and I am in the right frame of mind, the other practices and disciplines more easily fall into place, and my cycle and upward spiral continues.

In future posts I will continue this conversation and elaborate on some of my“tools” from the list above. To all of you out there reading this, what are some techniques you use to keep uplifted when perhaps you are being emotionally, physically or mentally challenged?

Thank you for sharing.
In Love,


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